Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Haircuts and Tubbie Time

Andrew & Wesley sporting their new haircuts, 15 months old.
I've been cutting the boys hair for quite some time now.  It's funny, we have a few little friends that are a bit older than the boys and still don't have enough hair to trim!  Andrew's already had about 9 haircuts (not even joking) and Wesley only 3! What can I say... I just hate to trim those little red curls of his!
Haircuts usually take a while... like sometimes a couple of days.  Sometimes I have to do them in rounds.  It just depends on how long I can get my wiggle-worms to sit still.  As soon as they lose interest in what's going on in front of them and start grabbing for the comb, scissors or their own hair, the barbershop party is over.
After the haircuts, it's always tubbie time.  I actually remembered to bring my camera in this time.  I usually forget it during bathtime, and of course those times are when the twins do all sorts of adorable things.
Andrew and his clean, freshly cut 'do.
Just a little off the sides and back, preseving most of his curls!

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  1. Haircuts! Our girls always need haircuts too. Drives me nuts. I do it when they are sitting in their highchairs. It's the only way I get them to sit still. I think they have had 5 so far and are due for another one. Love the bath photos. I'm always drenched after a bath and am scared to take the camera in most days.


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