Monday, November 29, 2010

Tree vs. Twins

The twins, looking for the tastiest ornaments.
After doing a bit of research on toddlers and Christmas trees, we put up our tree this weekend and left the bottom foot and a half free of ornaments.  Little did I know that the boys would reach up and help themselves anyway.  Hopefully we make it through this holiday season without any tree pull-overs or ornament breakage.  We can block off this room if we need to, but hopefully the boys and the tree will learn to live together.   Peacefully.
I  plan on filling a basket with silk (safe) ornaments for them to play with. 
Somebody tell him these aren't real marshmallows.
Confirmation that I didn't hang the ornaments high enough.
The finished tree

Our stockings, ready to be filled with goodies ;)


  1. LOL My husband and I was debating on if we should put up a tree or not this year. I know my boys are going to mess with it, but I know we need to put something up for our daughter. It is amazing how much trouble two little boys can get into.

  2. You are so brave!!! It wasn't until last year (when the twins were 4) that we put up our tree at the beginning of December. We would usually wait until the 24th and took it down on the 26th! My children call ornaments "breakables". I can't think why...!

  3. Too cute! We did the same thing with our tree and left the last foot or so free of ornaments too. I also found a green bungy cord and attached it to the wall so that I wouldn't find them stuck under the tree. Mine is in the corner too and you can't see the bungy at all. It gave me some piece of mind. :) Of course, I, much like yourself found that they could reach a bit further up than I once thought. Good luck. So far the girls have pretty much left ours alone. Your boys are so cute!


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