Monday, October 11, 2010

{Makes My Monday} Accomplishments

Before the twins were born, I made a big promise to myself.   I promised that no matter what, I would somehow manage to get in a shower every day after they were born, as this is sometimes a difficult task for moms of singletons to even accomplish.
...and let me tell you something,
No matter how quick or lengthy they may be, it's MY time... and the water drowns out any crib crying sounds that might be taking place while I'm in there!

Yesterday, I not only managed to take a loooong relaxing shower, but I also did two loads of laundry (minus the folding part) and baked not one, not two, but THREE apple pies!
Accomplishing more than expected in a busy house of boys Makes My Monday (Oh yeah, and so does warm pie a la mode!)


  1. Good for you :-) It is nice to have me time.

  2. I love showers and apple pie too! What a great thing to give yourself everyday!

  3. Three apple pies! That sounds like heaven. I might just have to follow your lead and bake something fun. :) My husband and I always take a shower together after the little ones go to sleep. We go over the details of the day and reconnect. I'm not sure if we would have made it the last year and a half without that time. I'm pretty sure the water washes the rotten parts of the day away. Enjoy your pie, and your time.

  4. Sounds (and probably smells) fabulous at your house!!

  5. Wow. A shower EVERY day! I am jealous. I should have insisted when my twins were young! Excellent looking pies. Clever you!


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