Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween costumes from the past

Welcome, Pinterest friends!  I'm going to add a few more notes here now that there is an increase in traffic to this post!  So fun!  I heart you, Pinterest!

When it comes to holidays, Christmas is my absolute favorite, but Halloween is a very, very close second.
When it comes to costumes, I don't mess around.  I was lucky enough to find a guy that enjoys creating unique costumes just as much as I do.
The past few years, our usual parties have fallen through, but thought I'd share some of our handmade, unique and/or hysterical costumes from Halloweens of previous years, as well as from a few other events.
Here are me and my girlfriends as an 80's wedding party on Halloween of 2003.  Can you tell I was a child of the 80's?  I already owned most of this stuff!  (If you don't have a thing to make this for yourself, a trip to the local thrift shop and dollar store should get you everything you need.  Grab a pair of scissors and safety pins if you're looking for a more edgy 80's look!)

I met up with Dan later that same evening at a friend's party.  I convinced him to dress up for this one, otherwise, he wouldn't have.  Believe it or not, I think this is one of our first pictures with each other, taken just two weeks after we started dating!  Want to be a truck driver?   Just throw on a flannel, some jeans, a few more layers (like a quilted vest and a vintage Harley Davidson tee), top it with a mesh hat and you're good to go.  Having a grandpa who collects dirty pins (seriously... some of the saying on these pins I cannot repeat out loud!) doesn't hurt, either! No Lot Lizards!

Then there was the World's Largest Disco of 2003 and 2004.  Yes, we're chameleons.

Dan's favorite show growing up was The Flintstones, so we paid homage to Fred and Wilma in 2004.  (My favorite part about this costume was my homemade necklace - I bashed foam balls between two chunks of wood, then strung them together ...and I also got to wear my leopard print slippers to the party!  Who was Yabba Dabba comfy? This girl!)

Best. Costumes. Ever.  Halloween 2005.  We even brought Hooters wings to the party.   Dan was the hit of the party.   Everyone could care less about me.  (Control your laughter, he's quite comfortable in his own hair skin!  Perhaps a little too comfortable?!)  Most everything came off of eBay, and I sold it all the following year.  Weirdest part of the whole thing (besides a grown man wearing tiny orange cheerleader shorts) was that Dan insisted on wearing the "Bridget" nametag.  As you wish, honey. I'll take one for the team and be "Lauren" for the night.

In 2007, we hosted a 1920's murder mystery party for New Years Eve.

In 2006, we grouped up with some good friends to form the Wizard of Oz gang.  Dan, once again, was the hit of the party we attended and won best costume.  Gaint piece of foam, yellow spraypaint, black sharpie, elastic and a crafty wife.  Boom.  (Oh yeah, he insisted on buying this yellow body suit to wear with the costume that made him look like a speed skater.)

Halloween 2008.  Where's Waldo and Lisa Nowak, the crazy, diaper wearing astronaut!

What was your funniest Halloween costume?


  1. You are soooo right! The Hooters costume was the best!!! I love it! Good for Dan. Hey man, if you got it, flaunt it!

    I don't get dressed up. But, you've inspired me! I'll have to throw something together this year...

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures, they are all pretty awesome. It's great when both people are into the dressing up. :)

  3. This had me laughing out loud! I love it, you guy are so creative!

  4. These are freaking hilarious!!

  5. you are so creative and FUN !!!!!

  6. I just wanted to say hi. I happened upon your blog through google, I was looking for Halloween Wizard of Oz ideas for this year's Halloween party. Yes, I am crazy like that thinking about it during the middle of summer. I clicked on your disco link. Wow, another blogger from Buffalo, nice to meet you. Actually I am from a small suburb outside of Buffalo, but it's still our town. Alaina


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