Monday, October 25, 2010

Day of Doctors

Lots of appointments today.
Andrew goes in for surgery next Monday, so we had to stop at the urologist and then we went to the lab to get some blood work.  Andrew did not enjoy this one bit.
Screaming... lots of screaming.
...and how do you explain to a one year old that there will be a little pinch, and then no pain.
You can't.
You just have to restrain him until the procedure is done.
Then you can give lots of hugs and wipe away the tears.
...and boy, were there a lot of tears.
Poor little dude.
Then came the urine sample.
Yes, I'm writing about a one year old's urine sample.
First, to tell you how it's done... and second, to share how a mother of twins will do anything to make life easier.  Driving home, collecting a sample and driving back would not have been the easiest option.
Here goes: Picture a long bag with 3"x 3" sticker at one end (with a tiny hole in the middle of the sticker for the you-know-whatie).
Bag is stuck to child, sample is collected, bag is removed from child.
Very slowly, as to not remove any skin with the unnecessarily GIANT sticker.
Again, poor dude.
I swear, that sticker covered all of his little giblets and more. 
So I get the sticker off without ripping tearing spilling anything and have to dump the contents in a specimen cup.  
...but I left something out of the story.
You think Andrew gave the specimen while we were at the lab? While I had a lab technician's extra set of hands to help?
Of course not.
Did I want to drive back later?
Of course not.
I loaded the boys up in the van (with said collection bag still attached), loaded up their wagon (my double stroller of choice) and decided to check Andrew one last time before leaving the lab.  I got him out of his car seat and checked him on the front seat floor of the van.   That's when I saw that he cooperated and finally gave his sample. back to the story.
After I remove the bag, I have to re-diaper and re-dress Andrew so I stick the bag to the side of my van.
Yes.  There is a bag of pee hanging off the side of my minivan.
I guess that nasty sticker was good for something after all.
I re-diaper and dress my little guy, buckle him in and then transfer the sample;
from the side of my van into the specimen cup.
Unbuckle Andrew.
Unbuckle Wesley.
Scoop up a kid under each arm and head back inside the lab.  I literally walked up to the desk, shoved the sample through the glass window and said "We got it.   You won't see us later."
After this, both boys went to the pediatrician and got their flu shots.
Yes.  More needles.
No crying this time.
Here they are sporting their flu shot band-aids.
What tough little guys.


  1. Poor little dudes. I hate heading to the doctor. Unlucky for me we have an appointment tomorrow too. Lots of shots and the whole work up. Generally the husband goes with me too, but he's off hunting. Not looking forward to holding them down for their shots either. Maybe we will get lucky and there won't be any screaming, I'm not holding my breath. What's Andrew in for surgery for?

  2. They are tough dudes! And you are one tough Mama to help them get through a day like that! My twins just turned two, so they got o have the nasal mist flu vaccine instead of the shot and they were much happier than getting another poke. Thanks for coming by my blog from Makes My Monday!!

  3. Poor little guys. I hate taking my boys to get shots. My oldest cries every time we go into the exam room. He knows what is coming. It makes me feel so bad.


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