Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fisher Price

Living in Western New York definitely has it's benefits.   We're 5 minutes from beautiful Niagara Falls, great chicken wings are available everywhere,  we have an amazing football team, (Yeah, right! I'm totally joking!), and Fisher Price's Headquarters is practically in our backyard.
I finally had some time to fill out the forms (notice the date on the letters?  I'm a bit behind.) and obtain the boy's 'working papers' so they are legally allowed to model for Fisher Price.  I know several people who have had their children featured on FP products, and thought it'd be cool if my boys were, too!  We are already product testers for the company and get paid to occasionally test out new things.  If the boys get selected for a photo shoot, it's not guaranteed that their photographs will be used, but each time, we'll get a gift certificate to use in the Fisher Price store... and it's a wonderful store filled with enough kiddie eye-candy to make Santa's elves jealous!

Keep an eye out... you just might see Mr. Dubs and Drewman on a box in a toy store near you!

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