Thursday, October 14, 2010

{Family Photo Wall} It's a hit!

I just posted THIS this morning...  ...and it's a hit with the boys!
I love it!


  1. What a great idea! Looks like they should be spouting out names in no time!

    Is it a pajama day at your house too?

  2. Thanks, Vanessa! Yep, even Mama is still in her pjs ;)

  3. I love this idea! At 21 months, our girls are talking a lot about our family members, but - since we see everyone so seldom - I would like to do something so they can have a visual along with the name. This is an awesome idea! Now if we only had an add, awkward window...HA!

    Years ago I remember seeing a photo book for babies, one that couldn't easily be destroyed. I have been looking to buy one, but so far, no luck. I would never allow the girls to play with a regular photo album - even one specifically for them. I think they'd probably tear it apart in a heartbeat.

    Nice to "meet" you! I'm linking over from Cottongirl's blog.

  4. Love the photo window! Glad to see Mandy found you too. We parents of twins need to stick togethter and borrow all the great ideas we can! Wish I had an awkward window too!


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