Thursday, October 14, 2010

{Family Photo Wall} Babies and Facial Recognition

Dan: "Say Mama."
Andrew: "Mama."
Dan: "Good! Say Dada"
Andrew: "Mama."
Dan: : "No, say Dada"
Andrew: "Mama."

Believe me, I love hearing my name, but I think the twins are a bit confused.  It's time we start seeing our family and hearing their names every day, not just when they might come up in conversation or when we actually see them in person.

I've created a photo wall (FINALLY) for the twins on an awkward window in our house.  We have a very low window in our dining room, which used to look out into the backyard until a sunroom (aka, my messy craft room) was added to the back of the house.   Now, it's just an awkward, really low window - see the register and carpet?  Like I said, weird and awkward.
Eye Level:  Photos will be placed on other side of window  so boys can point and touch as much as they want.
We wanted the boys to see photos of family, but not be able to tear them down, or ruin the photos with their often slimy, sticky fingers.  This window solved the problem.  We are going to hang family head shots on the other side of the window, so A & W can point out and touch as much as they want without tearing the photos down.   We will start with just us; Mama, Dada, Andrew & Wesley and then slowly add familiar faces.   I can't wait to see them pointing everyone out and to eventually hear them saying everyone's name.

Starting with just these four in the center, then we'll slowly add family members (and pets!) to the mix ;)

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