Thursday, September 30, 2010

{Vacation} It's a Wash

Bait & Tackle shop across the street.
Carolina Beach, NC
So... our 2010 vacation turned out to be a bit of a wash (literally), but we are making the best of it.  Normally, there is something exciting about making the national news for the extreme weather you are experiencing.  Living in Buffalo, we make it a lot with the piles of lake effect snow we get.   Being on vacation and making the national news for weather isn't quite as fun.  First of all, we don't know how much worse it will get, if any.  I am very familiar with blizzards, but not tropical storms.  Second, we are stuck indoors with two very active (and entertaining) toddlers that are running in circles.  There's no getting out of here today, as many the roads are closed.  Perhaps we will rearrange the furniture and have a dance contest.   For the babes, AND the adults!  Everyone get ready to do your best Elaine Benes!
This is the street view...  Unfortunately, we left our paddles at home.
Carolina Beach, NC

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