Sunday, September 5, 2010

{Sock Monkey Party} The Twins' First Birthday

Somebody pinch me! My babies are ONE!   We had the twins' first birthday party this weekend and it turned out great!  I came up with a Sock Monkey theme shortly after they were born and had been brainstorming decorations all year long.  My ideas finally became a reality for my little guys on Saturday, as we celebrated with the grandparents, great grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins.
The table turned out to be absolutely adorable!  White streamers were hung as a backdrop  for a red a white polka dot table filled with sweets and gift bags for the guests.  I'm officially in love with poms, and as I mentioned HERE, I can't imagine ever having another party without them.  Ever.  Period.
We served my specialty, vanilla cupcakes topped with homemade buttercream and chocolate frosting, complete with sock monkey cupcake toppers that matched the invites.  Remember these?

The boys didn't have individual "smash cakes", I just added a little extra frosting on 2 of the cupcakes.  Just for fun ;)

Red and white polka dots were everywhere!  I ordered the balloons probably 7 or 8 months ago, and I'm sorry, but I can't remember where they came from, but I'm sure you can find them online somewhere!  The balloons definitely pulled all of the rooms together, and the boys LOVE balloons, so they had fun playing with them after the party!

The boys did great during the singing of Happy Birthday, and both dug into their cupcakes without much coaxing.  Andrew was much neater than Wesley, though!

The Birthday Boys sported handmade sock monkey onesies.   Believe it or not, I got the onesies at one of the local dollar stores, so they'll probably fall apart in the washer, but they were perfect for my sock monkey applique experiment.  They turned out ADORABLE!!!

I whipped up some coordinating frames to display our sock monkey photographs from the park last week.  These were the perfect additional pop of color & polkadots for the table.

These two handmade guys (let's call them Phillip and Randy, shall we?) made an appearance as the center focal point on the table!

We even managed to attempt to get another family photo.  Never mind the smiles, I'd be happy if we could get everyone looking in the same direction!  Getting there... baby steps... 3 out of 4 isn't bad!

Last but not least, these were my FAVORITE!!!  Chocolate covered pretzels!  So simple, yet packed with such deliciousness!  They totally deserved their own photo! Don't you agree?

Happy Birthday my little lovies!
Love, Momma


  1. Wow. What a cool party. Love your theme. Eveything looks so cute.

  2. Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh! What a darling theme and what an amazing party!

    Your celebration CERTAINLY Makes My Monday!
    Congrats to you too, Mama on making it through the twin challenges (and triumphs!) of that first year!

  3. I came over from Makes My Monday, and this is one of the CUTEST 1st birthdays ever!

    I love how the sock monkey theme is very apparent without being overwhelming. I adore the balloons.

    Happy b-day to cutie pie guys! :)

  4. You did an AMAZING job on the party!

  5. Marg,
    You need to get out of government work and start planning parties (if you don't already)! Wow! So darn cute!!!

    ~Jenny Prejna

  6. Thank you for sharing this. My daughter's birthday is in a few months and all of my original plans went out the window. I had the perfect monkey party planned, but she fell for Elmo. I didn't want to go all sesame street so I was looking at red and white parties. Your color scheme was mostly red and white and it looked amazing. So yay! I now know it can look amazing without being over the top or bland. Thank you again.


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