Friday, September 10, 2010

{Photo Slideshow} One Year Old

It's here!!  The slide show I've been anxiously waiting for from the boys 'one year' photo shoot last week!! Megan Dempsey of Village Photography had a blast chasing Andrew and Wesley around Beaver Island State Park!  We especially liked this as the spot to take pictures because we were married here, too!  I'm in love with each and every photo and can't wait to see more of the proofs! Megan did a FANTASTIC job capturing the twins' true busy spirits!  Thanks Megan!

(Sorry the slide show is wider than my page.  Not computer savy enough to fix it!)

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  1. Hello!! I just found your blog on Multiples and More! Our twin girls are just days younger than your boys! So fun to follow blogs when our kiddos are the same age!! Happy Birthday to your absolutely precious boys! They are so cute!!


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