Sunday, September 19, 2010

{Photo Shoot} Cousins at Green Lake

I've finally had some time to do a little bit of editing (including some amateur dabbling with Lightroom) and as promised, here are some of the great shots I got of the twins and my brother's kids at our "Cousins" photo shoot a few weeks ago:
All four of 'em.  Aren't they cute?

The boys and their fav chick!


Mr. Miles

Little Mia Pia

DrewMan pretending to be serious.

Silly Dubs

Um... yeah... This idea didn't work so well.

You guessed it!  This is my favorite shot!  This totally sums up the sibling relationship, doesn't it?  I'm sure there's one of my brother and I just like this from back in the day.  I got some good advice as to where to have my prints professionally developed, so I'll be sending them out soon and then making a photo wall for my mom, aka Nana. ;)

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  1. LOL!! Love that last shot :)

    Beautiful photos! And look at that red hair!! Lovely :)


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