Monday, September 20, 2010

Children of the Corn

Made bug-shaped mac-n-cheese tonight, perfect for my science-nerd self, who works with bugs for a living.  I added mixed frozen veggies to the mix to make it somewhat healthy,
(or at least that's what I'm telling myself).
Frozen mixed veggies...  Let's see.  That's carrots, peas, green beans, lima beans and corn.  Oh yeah, and CORN.  Did I mention CORN?  I really mixed this stuff.  Really.
The cheesy noodles and the veggies. 
One big cheesy mess.
Looks like someone doesn't like corn.
Well, at least for today.


  1. Such a cute picture. LOL Love your title of your post. Funny you should work with bugs. My husband works with fish.

  2. That's freakin' hilarious. My dad had a dog once who would do that with peas. Only thing left in the dog dish at the end of the "meal" ;)


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