Thursday, September 30, 2010

{Vacation} It's a Wash

Bait & Tackle shop across the street.
Carolina Beach, NC
So... our 2010 vacation turned out to be a bit of a wash (literally), but we are making the best of it.  Normally, there is something exciting about making the national news for the extreme weather you are experiencing.  Living in Buffalo, we make it a lot with the piles of lake effect snow we get.   Being on vacation and making the national news for weather isn't quite as fun.  First of all, we don't know how much worse it will get, if any.  I am very familiar with blizzards, but not tropical storms.  Second, we are stuck indoors with two very active (and entertaining) toddlers that are running in circles.  There's no getting out of here today, as many the roads are closed.  Perhaps we will rearrange the furniture and have a dance contest.   For the babes, AND the adults!  Everyone get ready to do your best Elaine Benes!
This is the street view...  Unfortunately, we left our paddles at home.
Carolina Beach, NC

Monday, September 27, 2010

{Makes My Monday} At the Beach

Seeing my beach babies in Hawaiian shirts makes my Monday!  Keeping this short, but sweet.  There is major relaxing that needs to be done!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Children of the Corn

Made bug-shaped mac-n-cheese tonight, perfect for my science-nerd self, who works with bugs for a living.  I added mixed frozen veggies to the mix to make it somewhat healthy,
(or at least that's what I'm telling myself).
Frozen mixed veggies...  Let's see.  That's carrots, peas, green beans, lima beans and corn.  Oh yeah, and CORN.  Did I mention CORN?  I really mixed this stuff.  Really.
The cheesy noodles and the veggies. 
One big cheesy mess.
Looks like someone doesn't like corn.
Well, at least for today.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

{Makes My Monday} A Little Get-Away

Plum Beach, St. Maartin, April 2009
Knowing that I'll be on the beach with my 3 favorite guys in less than a week makes my Monday.   The hubby and I haven't had a vacation since April of 2009, when I was pregnant with the twins.  We knew that would be a 'different' vacation for us, as will this one.  Our first vacation with children, BUT, we're well overdue, and I think the travel part (which I'm stressing about the most) will go smoothly.
I'm certain that a few days of R&R is just what we all need to recharge our batteries.  I cannot wait to feel the sand in my toes, bask in the sun and be sung to sleep by the crashing of the ocean waves.  Oh yeah, and I can't wait to see the twins eating sand.  I know it's bound to happen!

{Photo Shoot} Cousins at Green Lake

I've finally had some time to do a little bit of editing (including some amateur dabbling with Lightroom) and as promised, here are some of the great shots I got of the twins and my brother's kids at our "Cousins" photo shoot a few weeks ago:
All four of 'em.  Aren't they cute?

The boys and their fav chick!


Mr. Miles

Little Mia Pia

DrewMan pretending to be serious.

Silly Dubs

Um... yeah... This idea didn't work so well.

You guessed it!  This is my favorite shot!  This totally sums up the sibling relationship, doesn't it?  I'm sure there's one of my brother and I just like this from back in the day.  I got some good advice as to where to have my prints professionally developed, so I'll be sending them out soon and then making a photo wall for my mom, aka Nana. ;)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rockin' It, Old Skool

My little guy is cool and he doesn't even know it.
He sports vintage apparel.
Check him out.
Don't mind the drool marks.
So adorable.
So handsome.
So ahead of his time.

This thing is OLD.
Like 35 years old. 
I have proof.

Here it is again:
This is my big brother back in October of 1975, and although he is normal sized now, he was only 3 months old in this photo.
...wearing this sweet poly/cotton nautical jumpsuit
sized at 12 months.
O. M. G.
So cute!

Nice holiday photo card, huh?  I wonder where he was vacationing when this was taken.
...and who leaves a baby on a log by a lake at sunset?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Play Date!

It's always fun to have friends over.   Last night, little Emerson came over to hang out with the boys.  All three had a great time playing together.
Adorable Emerson!

Emmie playing in the tent

Baby Train

Emmie digging right in to the boys' toys

Playing nice ;)

Friday, September 10, 2010

{Photo Slideshow} One Year Old

It's here!!  The slide show I've been anxiously waiting for from the boys 'one year' photo shoot last week!! Megan Dempsey of Village Photography had a blast chasing Andrew and Wesley around Beaver Island State Park!  We especially liked this as the spot to take pictures because we were married here, too!  I'm in love with each and every photo and can't wait to see more of the proofs! Megan did a FANTASTIC job capturing the twins' true busy spirits!  Thanks Megan!

(Sorry the slide show is wider than my page.  Not computer savy enough to fix it!)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

{Sock Monkey Party} The Twins' First Birthday

Somebody pinch me! My babies are ONE!   We had the twins' first birthday party this weekend and it turned out great!  I came up with a Sock Monkey theme shortly after they were born and had been brainstorming decorations all year long.  My ideas finally became a reality for my little guys on Saturday, as we celebrated with the grandparents, great grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins.
The table turned out to be absolutely adorable!  White streamers were hung as a backdrop  for a red a white polka dot table filled with sweets and gift bags for the guests.  I'm officially in love with poms, and as I mentioned HERE, I can't imagine ever having another party without them.  Ever.  Period.
We served my specialty, vanilla cupcakes topped with homemade buttercream and chocolate frosting, complete with sock monkey cupcake toppers that matched the invites.  Remember these?

The boys didn't have individual "smash cakes", I just added a little extra frosting on 2 of the cupcakes.  Just for fun ;)

Red and white polka dots were everywhere!  I ordered the balloons probably 7 or 8 months ago, and I'm sorry, but I can't remember where they came from, but I'm sure you can find them online somewhere!  The balloons definitely pulled all of the rooms together, and the boys LOVE balloons, so they had fun playing with them after the party!

The boys did great during the singing of Happy Birthday, and both dug into their cupcakes without much coaxing.  Andrew was much neater than Wesley, though!

The Birthday Boys sported handmade sock monkey onesies.   Believe it or not, I got the onesies at one of the local dollar stores, so they'll probably fall apart in the washer, but they were perfect for my sock monkey applique experiment.  They turned out ADORABLE!!!

I whipped up some coordinating frames to display our sock monkey photographs from the park last week.  These were the perfect additional pop of color & polkadots for the table.

These two handmade guys (let's call them Phillip and Randy, shall we?) made an appearance as the center focal point on the table!

We even managed to attempt to get another family photo.  Never mind the smiles, I'd be happy if we could get everyone looking in the same direction!  Getting there... baby steps... 3 out of 4 isn't bad!

Last but not least, these were my FAVORITE!!!  Chocolate covered pretzels!  So simple, yet packed with such deliciousness!  They totally deserved their own photo! Don't you agree?

Happy Birthday my little lovies!
Love, Momma

{Sneak Peek} Beaver Island Photo Shoot

A sneak peek (well, 3 photos, anyway) of our photo shoot is up on Megan Dempsey's blog.  She had a great time chasing the boys around the park and into the water!  Check it out!  Can't wait to see the rest!  In the meantime, check her out a Village Photography!  She was great with the boys!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy First Birthday: A letter to my babies as they turn one

Posting this an hour early, because I'm exhausted, won't make it to midnight and have lots to do tomorrow in preparation for this weekend.  Here it is... the birthday post.  Enjoy ;)

Dear Wesley and Andrew,
Happy Birthday, boys!
Wow, can you even believe it? This past year has been an amazing journey, almost impossible to wrap up into one little letter, or perhaps just impossible to remember the majority of it!  Today we celebrate your first birthday, and with that, I'm remembering a year filled with many other firsts:

Our first first, ...heartbreak.  (Might as well get this one out of the way). When my babies were not born healthy, I could have died.  No mom wants to hear a neonatologist say "You're babies are very sick".  No mom wants to have a neonatologist at her bedside at 6am telling her that one of her babies had a seizure.  No mom wants to see other new moms wheeling their babies around when she can't even hold hers yet.  No mom wants to leave the hospital without her newborn babies, but that's just what I had to do.  It was in your best interest, and luckily, I have two happy and healthy children as a result of the amazing nurses and doctors in the Sister's Hospital NICU. 
You were both born with an extremely rare blood condition.  So rare that the doctors couldn't figure it out right away because they had never seen it, and they had to consult with other professionals as to how to make you better.  Your little bodies were attacking themselves because Mommy's blood was that .00000000001 freakish percent that had a funny antigen in it, whatever an antigen is; one that no medicine could have helped (even thought I took the medicine when it was offered, well before you were born.)  Enough of that, onto the happy memories!
Next up, the first time we got to hold you.  I was never happier in my life.  You both fit into our arms like perfect little puzzle pieces that had been missing since the day you were born.  We were complete.
Your first time back together again at home.  I'm singing "Reunited and It Feels So Good" as I type.
There was the first nap on my chest.  I wish you still fell asleep in my arms as easily as you did back then.  Your daddy and I loved this, because we got to hold you close to our hearts and we got to nap with you ;)
First baths, first food, first smiles (even if it was just gas ;).
Your first coos, your first flip, your first entire night of sleep at 12 weeks.  (That's right! Both of you were sleeping through the night at 12 weeks!)
First tooth, first words, first time sitting, crawling, standing up.
Of all your firsts, your first steps are when I really started to feel exhausted.  You are both busy busy busy boys and mommy needs a nap most days more than you do!

You were so fragile and tiny when you were born.  From the first moment I saw you in the NICU with all those tubes, wires and needles, I don't know what it was, but I told your daddy that you'd always have a special place in my heart.  You still fit that mold perfectly.  You are our gentle little meatball.  You are softspoken and silly and have such a happy, lovable personality.  Your face is full of so much expression.  You know when you need a hug and you know when we do, too.
You love wheels, tupperware lids and chewing on book bindings.
I love your toothy smile, your laugh, your blueberry eyes, your bright red curls and your hugs.
You are my Mr. Dubs.  Happy first Birthday, little man!  Daddy and I love you so very much and look forward to all the adventures we will have together!

From the very beginning, I knew you were very special.  I called you my 'high-maintenece baby' but that was only because you seemed to be happier in my arms than anywhere else.  Little did I know that this little personality of yours would develop into such a charismatic performer.  You still prefer to have us around at all times, but mostly for entertainment purposes.  You are sneaky, silly and truly enjoy making us laugh along with you.  Your eyes light up constantly and you melt our hearts.
I love hearing you say "Mama", even when it's at 5am.
I even love your fake tears.
 You love your books and flip through them often, right side up or upsidedown.
You love to dance.  You love to laugh.
You're a little ham.
We love to watch you, Mr. Mandrew.  You're our tiny Buddy Boss (don't even ask where that nickname came from.)  I can't imagine life without you for a second. We have so much to show you, teach you, share with you and learn from you.  Happy first Birthday, little Drewman. We love you very much!