Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Turn around, turn around...

The little dudes in their big boy carseats.

Now that I'm singing my dad's favorite They Might Be Giants song (yeah, that's right, my dad is way cool!), I've got the perfect segue into my latest post. A new mini van means new car seats!   The boys have finally turned around, literally, and thought I'm not too thrilled with the "Cowmooflage" covers, I'm ecstatic that I managed to get 2 Britax seats for dirt cheap!   I owe a ton to the girl at babies R Us that hooked us up with so many discounts.  (Don't forget...there's always a twin discount on 2 "big" purchases there! ...and don't forget to ask for whatever other deals they can give you.)

The moment of truth was a little less monumantal than we thought it'd be. In fact, it was completely lackluster. We thought the twins would be super stoked to be seeing the world fly by from a different angle, but we were sorely mistaken.  a.) A & W still both despise being put into the carseat, regardless of where it's facing. Luckily toys and Cheerios help curb this passionate hatred, b.) Wesley can't stay awake long enough in a moving vehicle to enjoy anything, and c.) I find myself turning around more to see them and get carsick more often. Awesome.

A&W acted as if they had been sneaking out at night and facing foreward in vehicles for months!   Why didn't this new perspective affect them at all?  Anyway, no more pulling out the infant seats and throwing contained babies in a shopping cart.  We are in full toddler mode now! Wish us luck!

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