Tuesday, August 31, 2010

{Payback} A trip back to say thanks

On Thursday, it will have been a year since the boys were born at Sisters Hospital and a year since we became regulars (well, for two weeks, anyway) at the NICU there...  This place is AMAZING.  The nurses that work around the clock are like angels.  The Doctors...OUTSTANDING.  Although the twins had an unfortunately unhealthy start, they were lucky enough to be under the care of these miracle makers...and it's now time to say thanks and give back a little something.
My wonderful mom came up with this idea of heading back to the NICU on the boy's first birthday to deliver some goodies as a way to say thank you for all they did for us.  She has been busy knitting 12 gorgeous baby blankets, one for every month the twins have been with us.  I will be busy baking some yummy cupcakes to bring along, as well.  On Thurday morning, we will head up to the hospital to deliver the gifts and goodies to the medical staff and families currently calling the NICU their home away from home.  Not sure how I'll hold up, as just thinking about returning to the NICU brings tears to my eyes and a huge wave of emotions as if I were going through it all over again.  (Stay tuned for this Thursday's post...it took me a while to get through that one  - well, the first paragraph or so - as the tears made it difficult to focus on the keyboard.)  I will never forget the time we spent up there, and although it was the hardest 2 weeks of my life, I'm truly thankful my boys had the best care available.  Miracles DO happen on Main Street.  Thank You, Sisters Hospital!!!

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  1. Hi, I'm Tracy in Oklahoma, 36.5 weeks pregnant and counting- expecting twin boys any day now. I found your blog and am following it now. (Well, after the twins are born, there's no telling how often I'll be able to check in...) Anyways, I love reading about your boys and your family's first year. I was wondering how the trip back to the NICU to deliver the blankets and goodies went? I would love to hear about that if you would share it... Warmest regards,


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