Monday, August 23, 2010

Makes My Monday

I'm always looking at new blogs and adding them to my list to follow.  It all started with party blogs when I was planning my baby shower.  Then, I was hooked on baking blogs as I ventured into the wonderful world of cupcakes and cutout cookies.  Now, I'm onto twin blogs.  When mom's advice just isn't enough (sorry mom), you need twinmom advice ;)  ...or I at least need to know that others are managing to survive a chaotic twin-filled life like we are!  Anyway, I stumbled across THIS twin blog and was hooked.  There are some great links to other twin-mom blogs here, too.
Sooooo....  Cheryl from Twinfatuation does something that I like.  She does a "Makes My Monday" post, and also allows other bloggers to share what makes their Monday.   I'm jumping right in. Not sure if I'll get to it every Monday, but here's my little addition for today. Enjoy.

My boys are getting so big.  New forward facing car seats means no more removing-them-while-strapped-in-an-infant-carseat-and-throwing-them-(contained)-in-a-shopping-cart.  This makes shopping trips more interesting, and by interesting, I mean rediculously more difficult!  Most stores don't have double cart seats.  At most places, I buckle one baby in the seat, put the other in the cart and push the cart around backwards so I can hold the unstrapped baby and catch whatever he is tossing out of my basket!  As you can imagine, I was thrilled with our shopping trip last night. This little (*ahem, HUGE*) gem worked PERFECT! Sure, Andrew almost lost an arm a few times, and Wesley pulled an entire box of m&m's off the shelf in the checkout aisle, but I got my shopping done in no time, and the boys were *tickled* to be "driving" a car.  That Makes My Monday!  Now I just have to learn how to maneuver a semi-truck around a grocery store.


  1. These are my favorite carts too! Cute pic!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a WONDERFUL Makes My Monday! Things like the double driver carts are a Godsend and COMPLETELY Monday makers. :)

    The boys look VERY happy in their new seating arrangement for shopping.

    For your kind, kind, words and for playing along, thank you for Making My Monday!


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