Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Farewell, Muddy Baron...

My 2008 Chevy Cobalt (Standard Transmission)
Goodbye, Old Friend.

It's Official.
I now drive a minivan.
Please...try to contain your excitement.

We just leased a Honda Odyssey and I am LOVING IT!  I still can't even believe that my hubby caved in to the idea.  I think he even enjoys driving it, but he won't come straight out and say it.  He's said things like, "This things got some serious pick up to it!" and " I actually feel more manly driving this than my truck!"  OK, maybe he didn't say that last one, but he really does like it. I swear.

We will both miss my little Cobalt, who was fondly referred to as the Muddy Baron.  MB was good to us, but we just needed more space than what he had to offer.

I have to laugh at how other moms now come out to admire, and ohh and ahh over my new momwheels.  They stare at it in googly-eyed wonder, like it's a man doing laundry or something.  Reminds me of the time Dan and his friends stared admiringly (and broken heartedly, if that's even a term), with what I swear were tiny tears in their eyes, at Dan's '81 Monte Carlo as a tow truck came to to take its partially dismantled body away for scrap.
I just know that when the time comes to transfer back to a smaller vehicle, that I will feel the same connection that he felt to that rusty old piece of junk ;)

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