Monday, July 19, 2010

Working 9 to 5 (3 days a week)

Remember a while back when I posted *this*?  At the end of my rambling, I mentioned that I might have some exciting news to share.  Remember?  Well, it's officially in the works.  I AM GOING PART TIME!!!  There have been some hurdles I've had to jump at work (ok, just one really big hurdle), but it's going to happen.  As soon as my paperwork gets processed, I will officialy be a part-time employee!  I'm so excited I could scream!   I had several reasons for looking into this possibility, but the one reason that makes me smile the most is that I'll now be able to spend that much more time with my little men!   Another reason is that we have so many floating appointments that it'll just be easier to schedule our lives with 2 additional days where I'm not required to be in the office.  No need for coming in early to make up time, or taking off early to get the boys and transport them to wherever they need to go.

I have an amazing position at work that I don't want to permanently give up, so this will be PERFECT!  When the time is right for us, I will go back to full time, but until then, I'm looking foreward to being with my men and watching them grow.


  1. Congrats FINALLY! You deserve it! Now get your hyney over here for a celebratory drink while we watch the kids tear up my yard!


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