Sunday, July 25, 2010

{Party} Construction Themed Baby Shower

Remember this invite I designed for my friend Danni's baby shower? 
The shower, which was for work friends, was this past Friday night.  It rained on and off all day, so I ended up setting up inside the house.  It's in the high 80's here, and the humidity is outrageous.  It was a bit uncomfortable, but we managed.  After we ate dinner (my delish chicken salad on croissants), it cleared up outside, so we went out on the patio to have the guest of honor open her gifts.

My house isn't huge, and with all the twins' stuff around, there's not much room to set up a food/dessert table AND I ended up not putting out as much stuff as I intended due to the heat, but I got some pics of the table's layout before everyone arrived.  It looked pretty cute, for my first attempt at styling a little party ;)
I made the poms myself and LOVE how they turned out! I honestly don't think I can have another party without them!  The bunting was made with cardstock and ribbon, and the double-sided tape on the cardstock kept popping apart because of the humidity.  Ughhhhh....  Next time I'll try sewing it out of different fabrics to prevent this.  I also made some road cone cookies. These did not hold up too well in the heat ;(

We have a friend who's father works for the town and scored us some real road cones.  I had this one inside and some similar ones at the front door to let everyone know where the party was.
It was a nice evening, despite the heat, and the generosity of the guests towards the guest of honor was amazing.  The baby-to-be received lots of adorable things, and the mama-to-be got some goodies as well, so she can pamper herself a bit before her little one arrives.

I loved the colors of this party... Who'd of thought yellow, orange and white could look so cute together?  I'll definitely be using these supplies for a future Andrew & Wesley party, I'm sure!

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