Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Missing Piece

{Our family room wall.}

Last September,  while driving back and forth to the hospital to see me and the boys, Dan noticed a Wesley Avenue...   Our idea took off from there.  We found and photographed that and Andrew Place with brand new babies in tow and figured we were finished, and had something unique.  Two 11x14's later, we decided we needed two more photos to balance out our wall...  Do we put pics of the boys next to their names, or search for our names as well?  I found Daniel Drive in a nearby town, coincidentally, the street that friends of ours recently moved onto.  I was able to incorporate that into the "Thirty Days of Dan." "Margie" is a much more difficult name to find. The closest in western NY is a Margette Street, and that just won't work.   There's not even a Marge or Margaret, can you believe it?  Luckily, there's a Margie Place about 20 minutes from where my parents stay in Florida, so this coming February, we will hopefully be visiting them for a week and getting the final piece to our family photo collage puzzle.
{Three down, one more to go.}

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