Sunday, July 25, 2010

{Party} Construction Themed Baby Shower

Remember this invite I designed for my friend Danni's baby shower? 
The shower, which was for work friends, was this past Friday night.  It rained on and off all day, so I ended up setting up inside the house.  It's in the high 80's here, and the humidity is outrageous.  It was a bit uncomfortable, but we managed.  After we ate dinner (my delish chicken salad on croissants), it cleared up outside, so we went out on the patio to have the guest of honor open her gifts.

My house isn't huge, and with all the twins' stuff around, there's not much room to set up a food/dessert table AND I ended up not putting out as much stuff as I intended due to the heat, but I got some pics of the table's layout before everyone arrived.  It looked pretty cute, for my first attempt at styling a little party ;)
I made the poms myself and LOVE how they turned out! I honestly don't think I can have another party without them!  The bunting was made with cardstock and ribbon, and the double-sided tape on the cardstock kept popping apart because of the humidity.  Ughhhhh....  Next time I'll try sewing it out of different fabrics to prevent this.  I also made some road cone cookies. These did not hold up too well in the heat ;(

We have a friend who's father works for the town and scored us some real road cones.  I had this one inside and some similar ones at the front door to let everyone know where the party was.
It was a nice evening, despite the heat, and the generosity of the guests towards the guest of honor was amazing.  The baby-to-be received lots of adorable things, and the mama-to-be got some goodies as well, so she can pamper herself a bit before her little one arrives.

I loved the colors of this party... Who'd of thought yellow, orange and white could look so cute together?  I'll definitely be using these supplies for a future Andrew & Wesley party, I'm sure!

The Lip

Andrew's got a funny bottom lip. It makes rare appearances that I've been lucky enough to catch on film.   Like right here...  just playing in the family room.

This lip is watermelon induced:

Andrew takes The Lip on a crawl through the park...

The sore loser lip reared it's ugly (*ahem*, adorable)...well,...lip... at the Diaper Derby as another baby crossed the finish line before Andrew (a future post).

...and most recently, a relaxing, belly full of ice cream, wagon-ride lip.

{Video} Double the Giggles

Although I have many other things to write about (baby shoes, a baby race, a baby shower, and ice cream in the park), this was WAY too cute not to post.  *This* just happens now, out of the blue, and there was an audience that gathered around to laugh with us this time.  It went on for about 2 more minutes beyond what I recorded, but I wanted to enjoy it without a camera glued to my face.  Turn your volume up and enjoy :)


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

{Unique Gifts} Le Papier Studio

I'm in love. I can't stop buying these.
New babies, birthdays, Mother's Day, Just Because.
They are so personal and unique, I can't get enough!
Vana at Le Papier Studio is the gal behind these little beauties.
If you can't decide on one of the many silhouettes she has to choose from, she will custom make you one, from scratch, from one of your own photos.
How cool is that?
I'll tell you.  VERY.
Check her out on her website (Le Papier Studio) and in her etsy shop.

{Finally bought one for myself, too! *grin*}

Letters of Thanks

Dear BJs Wholesale Club,
Thank you for making your shopping carts big enough to fit both of my kids,  a 40 pound bag of dog food, 30 rolls of paper towels and a giant cheese wheel.
...and thanks for that special, next to the cart-corral "Parents with Small Children" parking spot you made just for me.   You're awesome.  I owe you one.

Dear Cheerios,
Thanks for being full of magical deliciousness.  Your tiny, tasty circles of goodness make our shopping trips tolerable and keep me sane.   It's amazing that no kid ever cries, whines or screams when one of you is in his face.
With Kindest Regards,

Monday, July 19, 2010

Working 9 to 5 (3 days a week)

Remember a while back when I posted *this*?  At the end of my rambling, I mentioned that I might have some exciting news to share.  Remember?  Well, it's officially in the works.  I AM GOING PART TIME!!!  There have been some hurdles I've had to jump at work (ok, just one really big hurdle), but it's going to happen.  As soon as my paperwork gets processed, I will officialy be a part-time employee!  I'm so excited I could scream!   I had several reasons for looking into this possibility, but the one reason that makes me smile the most is that I'll now be able to spend that much more time with my little men!   Another reason is that we have so many floating appointments that it'll just be easier to schedule our lives with 2 additional days where I'm not required to be in the office.  No need for coming in early to make up time, or taking off early to get the boys and transport them to wherever they need to go.

I have an amazing position at work that I don't want to permanently give up, so this will be PERFECT!  When the time is right for us, I will go back to full time, but until then, I'm looking foreward to being with my men and watching them grow.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pool time

Its hot out and we finally filled  up the boys pool.  I think the dogs were mad at us. It used to be theirs.

There was a lot of playing, (...and some toy stealing, but we won't mention that.)



Lots of entertaining splashes.

...but then someone gave me his "Get me out" face and the fun was over.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some Minor Changes

Don't get too excited.  I'm not getting more tech savvy. It's taken me well over several hours to give the blog a minor face lift, (thanks JD for sharing your blog/website expertise with an amateur!).  Also, Double the Giggles now has it's own domain (am I using that term right?), so if you were following it before, you now have to update the site you're following from to (no more ".blogspot").  *I think*  If you're not following Double the Giggles, what are you waiting for?  If you've been a loyal follower, thanks for staying with me as I attempt to document our crazy day to day adventures!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Commander Boogs

My little Drew-man is sick.
In the past 18 hours, there have been two runny eyes and a very runny nose.

My drew-man just isn't himself.

There's been some of this...

...and some more of this.

Way too much of this.

...and not nearly enough of this.  I'm enjoying this part though. It's been a while since either of my boys have fallen asleep in my arms.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Missing Piece

{Our family room wall.}

Last September,  while driving back and forth to the hospital to see me and the boys, Dan noticed a Wesley Avenue...   Our idea took off from there.  We found and photographed that and Andrew Place with brand new babies in tow and figured we were finished, and had something unique.  Two 11x14's later, we decided we needed two more photos to balance out our wall...  Do we put pics of the boys next to their names, or search for our names as well?  I found Daniel Drive in a nearby town, coincidentally, the street that friends of ours recently moved onto.  I was able to incorporate that into the "Thirty Days of Dan." "Margie" is a much more difficult name to find. The closest in western NY is a Margette Street, and that just won't work.   There's not even a Marge or Margaret, can you believe it?  Luckily, there's a Margie Place about 20 minutes from where my parents stay in Florida, so this coming February, we will hopefully be visiting them for a week and getting the final piece to our family photo collage puzzle.
{Three down, one more to go.}

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Run much?

I ran the annual D. Bessel 2.3 mile race on July 3rd. 
Well, I technically didn't run the whole thing. 
I ran. Trotted. Shuffled. Walked. 
Bottom line: I finished and I survived.   
I'm sure I saw a turtle pass me when I was in my full-out sprint.
I finished the whole race in 30 minutes.
I managed to get a beet-red face and a 13 minute mile.
Dan, (who ran the entire time), had a 12 minute mile...
He must run slow ;)

{Here's the whole gang.}

{That's me in the middle.   I was running pretty fast here.  I wonder why I didn't show up as a blur.}