Thursday, June 17, 2010


The boys attended a music class today with their friends Audrey & Ava from next door.  They spent more time being chased by me than actually participating, but it was fun, nonetheless!
Andrew doing a great job shaking the egg rattle.

Andrew tasting his drumstick

a feeble attempt at percussion

Wesley, wondering if he can eat his drumstick. it just me, or does Wes look super cool here?

Wesley confirming that it's edible

Both boys took the egg rattles and shook them (...and then put them in their mouths - surprise, surprise!)  I love this pic for two reasons,  1.) because they are both in the exact same position; one leg out, one arm up, and 2.) its rare that I can get a pic of them near each other these days.  Too funny!

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