Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fun Outdoors!

{It's finally Springtime in Buffalo!  Andrew & Wesley, 7 months old.}

It's finally nice here in Western NY.  The winter is over and spring is here to stay, (I say as I cross my fingers!)
Working full time again after being home for 6 months has been a hard transition for me, so today was just what I needed.... Time with my boys - who were both in GREAT moods!  I packed up a mini go-bag and we ventured out into the backyard for some sunshine and fun.   Due to the cold, wet mud seeping through the blanket, our time was limited, but we still made the best of it.
Here are some pictures (of course) that I took while the boys "played outside" for the first time.
{Andrew touching grass for the first time.}

{Andrew eating grass for the first time. I informed him that he wasn't a goat.}

{Nature vs. Technology... Wes chooses Technology.}

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