Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day of Surgery

Wesley had his hypospadias surgery yesterday, (look it up if you are interested, because I'm not going to get into the details here.)  He went in with a bad case of Roseola, too, so dealing with that and confirming that he was still going to undergo anesthesia with the virus added a few more hours to our day. We were there for a little under 12 hours, and Wesley was a little trooper.  He was able to come home with us, and although he was sore, he crawled around and played for a bit last night before crashing hard in his crib.  This morning, he was in the exact same spot in his crib where I tucked him in last night!
Wesley figured out something was going on when we woke him up at 5am.

Playing in the big hospital crib.  Waiting for the pediatricians to evaluate his rash.

Finally...almost there...  Wes gets the world's tiniest hospital gown!

Wesley is taken in to surgery and we wait...

and wait some more...

Looking a little bloated. Wesley is out of recovery and back in his room.

 The Doctor had to see Wesley and change his dressings before we were discharged, but he was in another 2 hour surgery.  We wait some more...

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