Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Six Month Wellness Visit

{Six month Wellness Visit - Dr. Mascia's exam table}

Andrew and Wesley had their 6 month doctors appointment today.  The doctor is very pleased with their weight gain and overall development.  Wesley is almost "average" for his size a 16lbs, 5ozs (even though we refer to him as The Meatball, he's still small for his age bracket), and Andrew is finally on the charts at 15lbs, 1oz.  Near the bottom, but on it, nonetheless ;)  We're still feeding them cereal in every bottle.  Apparently it's working!
The boys were both in a great mood and had the doctor laughing often during their exams.  Andrew had a blast laying on his belly on the table; he couldn't stop playing with the paper liner; crunching it in one hand, hitting it with his other hand and kicking it with both legs.  The paper was trashed when we left!
Both boys were great until the shots came around.  I've never seen instant tears until today.  I think the tears fell before the screams even came out.  Dan and I had to giggle a little (is that bad?), but again, I felt so bad for them that I had tears in my eyes.  Poor little dudes!


  1. Geez! Ava went to the doctor last week and she was only 15lbs 12oz! She was in the 30th percentile for weight!
    Glad to hear they're doing so well!

  2. Yeah - Andrew is just about at the 5th for weight, and although Wes is below the 50th, he's pretty darn close to it!


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