Saturday, March 13, 2010

Handmade Baby Gift

My friend Samantha recently hired me to make something for a friend of her's who is expecting.  I gladly accepted the job, knowing it wouldn't take too long to complete.  I've been paid for my work in the past, but only for my quilts, so a quick, easy craft project was perfect for my busy life.  Sam is very familiar with "my work".  Her daughter Teagan has a coordinating set of a sock monkey quilt, a sock monkey, bibs and burp-cloths all made by yours truly ;)
Sam didn't have any color requests for her order, but because there is a baby girl involved, I couldn't resist using a little pink... ok, lots of pink!  I hope the mom-to-be and her new arrival enjoy these little chenille bibs & burp-cloths.   ...and, I'm open for business if anyone would like to place their orders!  (...very, very small orders! Hehe!)
{presentation is everything :)}

{Michael Miller pink/brown Damask fabric w/pink chenille}

{Michael Miller mod dot fabric w/pink chenille}

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  1. Should these be on Etsy? They are adorable!


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