Monday, March 1, 2010

16th Annual Doc's Day for Kids

{Dr. Andy Gage - the man that started it all}
Yesterday, our family attended Doc's Day for Kids; an amazing benefit for the Sisters Hospital NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit) held at the Buffalo Brewpub.  Doc's Day for Kids was created by Dr. Andrew Gage (an uncle of good friends of ours, Tom and Kyle) 16 years ago and renamed "Dr Andy's Day for Kids" in his honor after his death four years ago.  We've attended this annual event in the past, however, had no idea how 'close to home' it would be now that we have 2 happy healthy baby boys, thanks to the AMAZING nurses and doctors in that exact NICU.
 Last year the event raised over $25,000!  I can't wait to see how much they raked in this year.  As always, the place was packed with friends, family and the many physicians, nurses, and other medical staff who were the "guest bartenders" for the day. The bartenders donated their time and their tips, and the Buffalo Brewpub also donated all of the profits from food and beverage sales during the event.  100% of it!   Thats so awesome!

The NICU was Andrew and Wesley's 1st home.  They spent the first two weeks of their lives there and Dan and I got to see, first-hand, the many miracles performed there.  We will continue to attend this event (and maybe even help out if we can) for years to come.

{Andrew, me, Missy and Zoey}

{Wesley partied a little too much!}

{The Dettbarn Family and their 3 NICU alumni}


  1. How great! Missy you look fantab-u-lous!

  2. Thanks for being one of my only loyal commenters, Eve! I was just telling Missy how fantabulous she looks! Skinny-Mini Mama!

  3. Dear Mrs. Pelczynski,

    I came across your blog on our great event we hold every year. I wanted to personally thank you for attending and supporting our event as well as entrusting the care of your newborns to the physicians and nurses here at the Sisters Hospital NICU.

    I'm happy to report we raised over $27,000 at this year's Dr. Andy's Day for Kids! We plan on purchasing a new Giraffe bed for the NICU with all proceeds raised.

    Again thank you for praising our work, Miracles do happen on Main Street.

    Take Care,

    Ann Schlifke
    Public Relations Manager
    Sisters of Charity Hospital

  4. $27,000 in 6 hours?!!!?!?!?! AMAZING, Ann! So glad we were a part of such a wonderful event! ...and thanks for visiting my blog ;)


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