Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Kicks!

When the twins were first born, I heard the dreaded thing that no mother in my family wants to hear... "They have Hibbard feet!"  Dear god, tell me it isn't so!

A little background: Both the men and women in my mother's family are notorious for having big feet.   Absurdly big feet.  ...and we all know what they say about big feet... BIG $HOE$!   I have boy cousins that hit men's Sizes 13 and 14 before their 12th birthday!   Where do you even buy those?  I recall totally rocking my preppy, gigantic Size 9 Tretorns (remember those?) in 6th grade! Fortunately mine are at the smaller end of the big foot scale ;)

Andrew & Wesley have completely outgrown their first few pairs of footwear and I just ordered these adorable Robeez for them to sport (On sale + another 20% off!  Thanks, Michelle!)!  We got their first Robeez as gifts (Thanks cousin Sophia!) and I absolutely LOVE the quality and all the adorable designs Robeez has to offer, so I splurged, as I'm sure I will again in another few months.

If you don't already own them, get your kiddles a pair or two (or three ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Beautiful Day

{The walk was a bit windy, as you can tell by my hair-do!}
After work today, Dan and I took the boys for their first walk in the double stroller that I scored off craigslist last year (a Maclaren).   I did a ton of research when I was pregnant on the best products for twins, and Maclaren seemed to be a favorite stroller of twin parents.  So far, so good.  It maneuvered great, although it's a bit tough to open and close.  I left that job to Dan ;)
I think Wesley and Andrew enjoyed their windy walk along the Niagara river.  It was so nice to be out in the sunshine, getting some fresh air and some exercise with the fam.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Six Month Wellness Visit

{Six month Wellness Visit - Dr. Mascia's exam table}

Andrew and Wesley had their 6 month doctors appointment today.  The doctor is very pleased with their weight gain and overall development.  Wesley is almost "average" for his size a 16lbs, 5ozs (even though we refer to him as The Meatball, he's still small for his age bracket), and Andrew is finally on the charts at 15lbs, 1oz.  Near the bottom, but on it, nonetheless ;)  We're still feeding them cereal in every bottle.  Apparently it's working!
The boys were both in a great mood and had the doctor laughing often during their exams.  Andrew had a blast laying on his belly on the table; he couldn't stop playing with the paper liner; crunching it in one hand, hitting it with his other hand and kicking it with both legs.  The paper was trashed when we left!
Both boys were great until the shots came around.  I've never seen instant tears until today.  I think the tears fell before the screams even came out.  Dan and I had to giggle a little (is that bad?), but again, I felt so bad for them that I had tears in my eyes.  Poor little dudes!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Handmade Baby Gift

My friend Samantha recently hired me to make something for a friend of her's who is expecting.  I gladly accepted the job, knowing it wouldn't take too long to complete.  I've been paid for my work in the past, but only for my quilts, so a quick, easy craft project was perfect for my busy life.  Sam is very familiar with "my work".  Her daughter Teagan has a coordinating set of a sock monkey quilt, a sock monkey, bibs and burp-cloths all made by yours truly ;)
Sam didn't have any color requests for her order, but because there is a baby girl involved, I couldn't resist using a little pink... ok, lots of pink!  I hope the mom-to-be and her new arrival enjoy these little chenille bibs & burp-cloths.   ...and, I'm open for business if anyone would like to place their orders!  (...very, very small orders! Hehe!)
{presentation is everything :)}

{Michael Miller pink/brown Damask fabric w/pink chenille}

{Michael Miller mod dot fabric w/pink chenille}

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Little Leprechauns

{Wesley & Andrew - 6 months old}

Sorry I haven't been around DTGs in a while.  I'm officially back to work full time and now have even less time to indulge in blogging... BUT the good news is that I finally had the chance to take some new pictures of Wesley and Andrew.  These will be their official 6 month photos ;)  My little guys are growing up!

I found these adorable shamrock hats (set included mittens, too!) at an Irish store in Syracuse while I was working last summer.  I just couldn't resist them, and who knew that the hat would look so perfect on my little red-headed leprechauns!  The hats are big, so they are set for this weekend and next year's parade, too!  

Monday, March 1, 2010

16th Annual Doc's Day for Kids

{Dr. Andy Gage - the man that started it all}
Yesterday, our family attended Doc's Day for Kids; an amazing benefit for the Sisters Hospital NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit) held at the Buffalo Brewpub.  Doc's Day for Kids was created by Dr. Andrew Gage (an uncle of good friends of ours, Tom and Kyle) 16 years ago and renamed "Dr Andy's Day for Kids" in his honor after his death four years ago.  We've attended this annual event in the past, however, had no idea how 'close to home' it would be now that we have 2 happy healthy baby boys, thanks to the AMAZING nurses and doctors in that exact NICU.
 Last year the event raised over $25,000!  I can't wait to see how much they raked in this year.  As always, the place was packed with friends, family and the many physicians, nurses, and other medical staff who were the "guest bartenders" for the day. The bartenders donated their time and their tips, and the Buffalo Brewpub also donated all of the profits from food and beverage sales during the event.  100% of it!   Thats so awesome!

The NICU was Andrew and Wesley's 1st home.  They spent the first two weeks of their lives there and Dan and I got to see, first-hand, the many miracles performed there.  We will continue to attend this event (and maybe even help out if we can) for years to come.

{Andrew, me, Missy and Zoey}

{Wesley partied a little too much!}

{The Dettbarn Family and their 3 NICU alumni}