Sunday, February 28, 2010

Six Month Discoveries

In just a few days, our little Andrew and Wesley will be 6 months old.  I can hardly believe that much time has passed and that I will be heading back to work full time in another week.  It'll be so hard to leave my little men behind.  I've pretty much spent every waking hour with them for the past 6 months, but the bills aren't going to pay themselves.  I've been easing myself back into the swing of things these  past two weeks... trickling in and out of the office.  More to come on the balance between work and home...

With each day that passes, we are discovering new things about the boys.  The boys both just discovered their toes and are constantly grabbing them.  Wesley even figured out that toes are just one more thing to put in your mouth...both your own toes, and your twin brother's!

With Wesley, we recently discovered two teeth coming in!  Wesley has discovered them too, and constantly makes funny faces as he runs his tongue over his new pearly whites. He still has more difficulty (or more fun, depending how you look at it!) eating than his toothless brother, though!  We just LOVE his toothy smile ;)
{Wesley showing off his two front teeth}

When Andrew first came home, he was definitely the fussier of the the two boys.  Nothing we couldn't deal with, but noticeable, if you were to compare the two.  He's gone through waves of this fussiness and just last week, it was back.  We have finally discovered the fact that the boy just LOVES being naked.  No matter how cool it is, he'd much rather eat, play and sleep in only a diaper.  Silly Andrew!  Although I'm glad  Dan figured this out, I'm hoping Andrew grows out of this "phase" before it's not so cute or socially acceptable anymore ;)
{Just wearing a diaper, and sleeping like...well...a baby}

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