Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Handmade Valentine's Day Cards

I love to make things with paper when I have the time.  I used to make about 75 Christmas cards each year using original drawings, photos and/or rubber stamps.  I also handmade all of our wedding invitations (...all 160 of them).  These things take many tedious hours to complete.
When I'm in a rush, the humorous side of me tends to come out and I make simple, funny cards such as birthday cards with the person-of-honor's head on the body of a super hero.  You catch my drift...  Well, the Valentine's Day cards from the boys this year made the 'funny card' category.   I only sent out a handful, but the front consisted of a blue sky with two cupids (complete with Andrew and Wesley's heads, of course) shooting glittery bow and arrows.  Inside, as seen above, were the boys handprints, which wasn't too easy to do without getting covered in paint, myself.   The recipients are sure to all get a good laugh out of them!    ...and many thanks and hugs to cousin Shawna for helping us out with them during her stay last week :)

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