Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Andrew's EEG

Andrew went for an EEG today. It was a follow-up procedure prescribed by his pediatric neurologist because of a seizure he had when he was just 2 days old.  The seizure was a result of small traces of blood passing into his brain due to his extremely low platelet count (platelets help with clotting), which was a result of multiple blood transfusions he received, which was necessary due to a bunch of other complications that I will someday blog about.  To be quite honest, I don't ever want to re-live what we went through the first week and a half of the boys' lives, but I also feel the need to document it somehow in order to remember specifics of their medical history...  That's another post for another day...

Anyway, the picture looks a lot worse than the procedure was.  Andrew had to fall asleep on his own or be sedated for the procedure, so we waited for sleep.   Andrew had about 30 electrodes taped to his little head and once he was asleep, he was monitored for only about 10 minutes.  It was the glueing of electrodes, the screaming part and finally the falling asleep part that took close to two hours!  The technician wrapped his head in gauze so I could hold and rock him without popping any of the electrodes off.  Although he was far from happy for most of it, at one point he was actually smiling, laughing and cooing at the EEG staff up at Children's Hospital with this crazy rainbow of wires coming out of the top of his head.  He had us all smiling ;)   He was a little trooper.

{Andrew's EEG, 18 weeks old}

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