Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Think before you speak to a parent of twins...

The lady who taught our "Twinformation" class at Sister's Hospital was sooo right...  Twins are different and special, and we can expect a lifetime of everything from oohs/aahs, looks, stares and quick comments to loooong stories from passer-bys, so we better get used to it.  Although everyone pretty much knows a set of twins, or knows someone who has had twins, people still feel the need to approach you in public and leave you their two cents.  Most of the time I don't mind this.  In fact, I kind of enjoy it.  I love showing off my boys, and genuinely smile as people compliment them and tell me their "my uncle's cousin's brother's wife had twins!" story, but every once in a while, someone has to ruin it for the rest of them with a rude comment (or one that is easily interpreted as rude by the parent).   I first encountered this when I was about 37 weeks pregnant and doing a bit of grocery shopping.   A lady deliberately approached me to say, "I feel so bad for you.  You look TERRIBLE!!!"   Shocked, I killed her with kindness... With a huge, obnoxious smile, I said, "Why, Thank You!!"  After, I wondered why she even said this.  Where was that filter between her brain and mouth?

An awesome facebook status post from my mother-of-twins sensei and best friend Missy:

Dear patrons of Wegmans today, Please don't judge me as a bad parent. My kids were very tired & have an obvious gift of large lung capacity. Also, for the record, yes, they are twins, yes, I do have my hands full, no, they are not identical, I don't appreciate my stroller or my kids being called a wide load and finally, I'm sorry but having your own two kids about a year apart is not "just like having twins".
It sums up a lot! Love it!

Here are 2 of her lovely little ladies, Stella (L) and Zoey (R). 
Not pictured: Big Sister Lucy

Photo credit: Magnificent Mom of twins, Missy D.

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