Tuesday, December 29, 2009


{My Little Sugarplums, 16 weeks & 6 days old}
Hello Friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with joy and cheer.  Unfortunately, Santa brought 3/4 of the Pelczynski family head-colds for Christmas.  Blech...
The good news is that we finally have snow!!! No white Christmas (sorry Bing), but the beautiful big-flaked snowfall finally happened!  ...and unlike most Western New Yorkers, I *LOVE* the snow, and will take snow over rain any day, (but for the record, I despise driving in either).  No, I'm not a skier, and I don't own a snowmobile, there's just something beautiful, peaceful and romantic about a quiet snowfall.  It's also a lot less messier than MUD (we have 3 dogs who love to romp outside).   I can't wait to see my little sugarplums {pictured above} all bundled up in their snowsuits and playing outside - building a snowman, sledding, making a fort, or flapping their arms while making miniature snow angels.  I'll be sure to have the hot cocoa made and the camera ready to capture their chilly smiles and rosy cheeks ;)

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