Monday, December 14, 2009

Card Photos

 By now, most of you should have received your Christmas card from the Pelczynski family.  If you haven't, blame the USPS, because I've completed my end of the deal; the photo session, the ordering, the stuffing, the stamping, the licking, yadda, yadda, yadda.  And let me tell you something: Anyone who has successfully taken holiday photos of their children deserves a fancy steak dinner, some ice cream and maybe even some sparkly jewelry!  It is a super stressful half hour that you'll never get back, but in the end, it is well worth it (even if it's just for the humor in it all!)
Now, I'm no stranger to this genre of photography.  That's right, it deserves it's own genre!  In the past I've attempted to photograph our dogs (first one, then two, and now finally 3 that made it on last year's holiday greeting card).  It's not rocket science, but pretty damn close if you ask me!   Not sure if the dogs or the twins were more difficult to do.  Getting everyone to not be screaming, looking in the same direction, and maybe even throw in a smile is NOT an easy task!!  I think I enjoy the *bad* photos better than the good ones ;)
Really Andrew? From all smiles to...

...*this* in a matter of seconds?  You know this guy brings you toys, right?

 I'm sure Santa wasn't too happy about you pulling his beard, either!  Someone's going on the *naughty* list!

Soooo....I got my hands on this wonderful Santa, a good family friend who bleeds red and white (candycane style) and has an over-the-top obsession with Christmas and Santa Claus.  Santa (aka Frank) has a beautiful collection (and I mean thousands of pieces) of Santa Claus collectibles and memorabilia from the past and present.  His wife now only allows him to get one new (or old) item a year because his Santa room (complete with shelving units) is filled to the brim!  It's got to be worth  fortune.  It's truly amazing to see.  I hope she doesn't mind that I gave him a little thank you gift involving the big man in red ;)  I just couldn't resist!

I've decided to share with you some more of the shots that didn't make the Christmas card as well as a tiny version of the finished product... some were nice, and some were down right hysterical.  Enjoy!

You make a mediocre Rudolf, Mr. Andrew!
(and who knew Santa had a Celtic cross tattoo? Hehe!)

Anyone else ever hear of Meltdown the other reindeer? Perfect, Wesley. Thanks.

This one isn't too shabby, eh?

And here's the finished product from Shutterfly.
From the Pelczynski house to yours, we wish you a warm, cozy holiday season!!!
Margie, Dan, Wesley & Andrew (and Simon, Olive & Ruby, too!)

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