Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting There

Last night, Dan and I plugged away at the holiday decorations.  We now have all the lights in the windows and the tree is up and decorated...  Next, we will attempt to assemble my Christmas village.  Not sure when that will happen.    The boys had an exceptional day yesterday and watched up as we hung ornaments and twinkle lights (I think we exhausted them... they slept for 7.5 hours last night! Yeah!)

Every year, I look forward to hanging all of my ornaments, because attached to each and every one is some kind of memory, or a warm, fuzzy thought of the sweet person that gave it to me.  I took a few shots of my favorite ornaments to share with you.  Do you have any favorite ornaments?   Where/when are they from, and what do they mean to you?

I bought this Swarovski "P" the year Dan and I got married (after Christmas for 50% off, of course!!)  I also grabbed a ton of other initials for friends that I knew would be getting engaged/married in the near future to give as a little 'congrats' gift.  I'm always thinking!

Next is the Hallmark Barbie and Ken ornaments.  These were the toppers on our wedding cake back in October 2005 ;)

Lastly, these are ornaments made for us by others.  Its funny that Dan and I both have one.  What's better than a ceramic ornament with your childhood head decoupaged on it?  Not much, my friends!

I could mention many others, and what they mean to me...  some Hallmark ornaments my mom passed on to me from her mother, my Nana Hibbard, who bought each of her 4 daughters a dated ornament each year ...multiple ornaments given to me at holiday family gatherings from cousin Moe ...a handmade angel ornament created out of a teeny, tiny terracotta pot from Michelle...  They are all very special ;)

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