Saturday, November 21, 2009

Almost That Time of Year...

As if life with newborn twins wasn't hectic enough, it's time for another holiday season to begin.  Don't get me wrong, I LOOOVE Christmas... I just don't see me being able to decorate like I have in the past, which is something I love to do.   Some of my stuff is already up, and it'll probably take me another month to get the tree up and trimmed.  Don't even remind me of shopping and wrapping gifts!  (Although, as usual, I've managed to find plenty of time to take some pics of my little handsome men!)

A few things I'm thinking about right now...
1.) What gifts to get for all the little kiddles in my life.  Several years ago, both my family and Dan's family decided that in lieu of gifts, we'd all go out for a nice Christmas dinner, either during or after the already very busy month of December.   We only get gifts for the kids, and it is truly a thrill to watch them open them and see their faces light up.  This has made things a lot easier on all of the adults and I always look forward to our relaxing night of good food, company and conversation.
2.)  Figuring out the simplest, yet most delicious "dish to pass" for all the holiday get-togethers.  I'll probably stick with my staple: bacon-wrapped brown sugar weenies (thanks to the Ruserts for sharing this amazing appetizer recipe!  It's ALWAYS a hit!)
3.) Childcare... Although I don't want to think about it right now, I have to... I will be heading back to work full-time sometime in February 2010.  Both my parents and Dan's parents have volunteered to watch the boys for us, long-term; however, I still need a back-up plan due to a month-long vacation and a hip-replacement.  Anywhere from 1 to (probably) 3 days a week.  Still working on that... hmmmpf...  Anyone interested?
4.) Sending out Christmas cards...  I'm stumped on a holiday photo idea for the boys...  I have the photo cards already, so they just need to be filled, addressed and sent out.  Something tells me this won't happen by the first of December like it has in previous years!

What I'm looking forward to:
1.)  Seeing Andrew & Wesley's eyes light up at the sight of the lights on the tree! (My eyes still light up, too! Again... I LOOOOOOVE Christmas!)
2.)  Spending quality time with the family on Thanksgiving and Christmas, stuffing myself until I can't breathe, and enjoying a few festive glasses of Baily's ;)
3.) Christmas music!!  I could listen year round, and sometimes I do just that!   I've already listened a bit on Sirius, but I don't have my fill just yet. (Sorry Dan!)
4.)  Starbucks!  I normally don't treat myself to Starbucks' fancy-schmancy drinks, but I love holiday shopping with a Vanilla Creme, Caramel Macchiato or Espresso Truffle in hand!  Mmmmmm!  Delicious and festive!

In case I don't post again this week, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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