Monday, October 12, 2009

Road Trip!!

Dan's vacation time is over :(   After five weeks of leave, he's finally gone back to work.  That time off  flew by so fast.  I admit, things are now a bit more difficult without him around 24/7, and I find myself more tired than the first few weeks after the boys came home, but I've found a way to make the days a bit easier... schedule visits from friends and family, or venture out ourselves.  Everyone loves to hold and feed the babies, so I get a temporary break from those duties, and if people visit us, that gives me a chance to clean up the house a bit.

This past Friday, I packed up the boys and we headed to Rochester (picking up Nana along the way) to visit my brother Joe, S-I-L Julie and their two little ones; Miles and Mia.  Julie made an awesome lunch for us all and the kids finally got to visit their new cousins.  Miles was infatuated with Andrew and I was amazed at how gentle he was with both of the boys.  Mia needed to help with everything.  She handed me wipes during the diaper changes, hoisted the bottles during feedings and held the boys with some help from the adults ;)  Too cute!

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