Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Week 34!

Well, here's a picture of me, taken today at the start of week 34... The boys are baking quite nicely. Still no signs of pre-term labor, which is a really good thing. Dan, being a good sport not only allowed me to take his 34 week photo, but is also letting me post it here on DTGs. What a guy!


  1. Oh my! That belly is getting BIG!! (I mean yours, of course!) You look wonderful and so happy, waiting the arrival of your little guys!

  2. Hey Margie!
    What a great tummy!!!! Your
    pictures are posted throughout the park in all the restrooms!!! We are enjoying all the baby updates
    from your Mom. Good Luck with
    the boys. You will have the
    time of your life with those
    little buggers. Sleep now and
    shower often. Soon this will
    all change. Take care...
    Sandi Holden,your Mom's Idol


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