Friday, August 28, 2009

Staying Girlie in a House Full of Boys

Just because Dan and I are having two boys doesn't mean I can't buy/make girlie-girl crafts and gifts... I have 2 sweet nieces; Mia - who will be turning 3 next month, and Shawna - who is 14 and totally fun to shop for gifts for... I also have a lot of other little ladies in my life. My 2 best friends from college have 4 girls between them, and some other close friends have daughters (or are having them soon), as well.

So first, let me apologize... I totally lied about not posting anything until sometime next week, but I had to put up some pics of the tutu I just made for my niece Mia's upcoming 3rd birthday. (No peeking, Mia!!) I found this simple tutu tutorial here at Plumtickled, which is a great blog filled with lots of great ideas for all you crafty people out there. I used beautiful purple satin ribbon and 3 rolls of tulle (pink, purple and shimmery silver) and had plenty left over. Maybe even enough for one more toddler sized tutu. I still have to trim up the bottom a bit to make it even, but I think for less than an hours work, this turned out totally adorable and would make any little girl smile! This tutu is perfect for a tea party, playing dress-up, and even for a trip to the grocery store with mom or dad! (Sorry Joe, but it just might happen!) I hope Mia loves her handmade tutu along with the other gift we got for her, (something Dora, of course!)
XOXO, Mimi and Nee ;)

*Can't get much girlier than a pink and purple tutu!*

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