Wednesday, August 26, 2009

37 Weeks Pregnant with Twins (...and counting!)

When I first starting documenting my belly size, I did a self photo-shoot in my bathroom mirror, much like many pregnant girls do. I soon realized that there weren't many options for variety in this type of photo, and although I loved my 16 week shot seen here, I started having Dan take pictures of me. We got some good ones, and plenty of the not so flattering ones!

16 weeks pregnant with twins, self portrait

Now I've gone back to basics and even exposed myself a bit more than the 1st time. I'm at the 37 week mark, which is considered full term for twins and I decided to re-do my bathroom mirror shot. I'll be perfectly honest, I was a bit leery of showing some skin (...some? More like a lot!), but was actually pretty excited that my belly still fit in the mirror ;) Who cares about the extra poundage and a few stretch marks, right? I know that down the road, I'll be glad I have these pictures, and hopefully the boys will get a kick out of seeing them someday, too. So here it is... Drumroll, please!

37 weeks pregnant with twins, self portrait

We also have some exciting news. We now have a date for the boys birthday! Unless they have other plans in mind, they will be born on September 2nd. It's kind of weird knowing the exact day, but who knows, maybe it'll come sooner than that! Being considered full-term now, I'm certain that they will be healthy, bouncing babies, whether they decide to wait or not. My next post will most likely be in another week and a half or so, after the boys are born, and after we get home from our hospital stay. Stay tuned for plenty more pictures! I can't wait to capture our new little ones, and family and friends that help us celebrate during their first few days in this world!


  1. Your belly is amazing! Best of luck with delivery!!!

  2. I'm just now 37 weeks pregnant w/ twins. They both should weigh around 7ish pounds now since at 35 weeks, the girl weighed 6 lbs 8 oz and the boy weighed 6 lbs. You have either air brushed your stomach or you have the skin elasticity of a small percentage. I started out with just a few stretch marks and by my 7th month they surrounded most of my stomach. I've been using palmer's cocoa butter religously from the 2nd month on and have Italian heritage (somewhat oily skin).

  3. Heather, No air brushing here! The stretch marks showed up AFTER the boys came out :( Believe me.. there are PLENTY! All underneath my navel, though.

  4. AWWWW you look beautiful.....i too am pregnant with twin boys and have been given my due date..22/03/2010 which is only 9 days away..OMG!! I too will have 2 boys. How did you deliver and what are their names xoxox Yasmin xoxoxoxox

  5. i had twin boys at 37 weeks my husband did a belly cast and i took a photo of me with my large baby kids three kids put there hands on my belly in the photo.before we did the cast we decide to take photos.4 hours after i did the cast.i went into labor it lasted 8 hours and i had two seven pound baby boys name cameron and ryder.i only have a few marks on my body having look beautifull

  6. I'll probably be the ONLY guy you receive a comment from and I hope that you're okay with that.I just wanted to say that you have one of the most AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL pregnant bellies I've ever seen!!!!!


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