Wednesday, July 29, 2009

At Least Three More

Today is the beginning of Week 33! It has been 2 weeks since my last post, and boy, am I really starting to feel more tired, sore and swollen (...didn't think that was possible)! The summer humidity has finally arrived in western NY, and I swear, someone took my feet and gave me Shrek's! That's right... first cankles, now ogre feet!

I'm hoping to make it at least 3 more weeks further before delivering - getting me to week 36. For some reason, I think that will be the earliest for the babies to enter the world in good enough shape, without any complications. Last week, they were both head down, assuming the position... It's almost here!

Dan and I are finishing up the final touches on the nursery. If they boys were to arrive today, it would be ready to go, but there is still some last minute straightening up to do, and some hanging up of wall decorations (handmade frames, etc). I painted the boys names on big papermache letters and glued them to ribbon. We'll hang those up to take some pics of the finished nursery, and then the names are coming down until the boys are born, as they have been kept a secret from the rest of the world!! (No, Missy, I won't cave in!!)

Non-stress test #3 is this Friday. I actually look forward to sitting in a dark room for a half hour, focusing only on the boy's movements and nothing else. When I'm busy at home or at work, sometimes I don't notice the subtle movements, so it's nice to notice EVERYTHING during this test... and to top it all off, they give me a Jeopardy buzzer to click every time I feel movement (I'll take "Multiples" for $1200, Alex!) They then compare the movements I've indicated to any increases in the babies' heart rates. Interesting stuff. I should be getting updated weights, as well, on Friday. I'm thinking both boys have hit (or are really, really close to) 4lbs by now.


  1. Hey Marge! I loved going to the NST's too. I started to get teary when I read the part about being able to focus on just them for that hour in the dark room. It was so nice and I also felt like I was missing so much when I was still working and missing their kicks or for that matter, whatever else had my attention. Thanks for helping me remember that part! By the way, you're the best looking multiple mama I've EVER seen- I swear it- you look awesome and on top of that, you are doing great health wise too! Look at you- sailed right on up to 33 wks with little complaining. That is a miracle! You're already perfect for these two little dudes! ~ Missy

  2. trying to post as SSH.. testing.. testing...


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