Wednesday, July 15, 2009

31 Weeks!

Here is a pic of me that Dan took a few days ago. I am officially 31 weeks today! Can you believe it? We're in the home stretch, boys! I begin my non-stress tests this Friday so the Drs. can closely monitor the babies, the oxygen they are receiving and their movements. I have 3 scheduled so far, but I'm pretty sure they will continue once a week until the babies arrive.
In other news, my best friend's twin daughters, Zoey & Stella turn one this weekend!! Happy Birthday, little ladies! I can only hope that Dan and I look as sane and unfrazzled as Missy and JD (and big sister Lucy) do a year after the birth of twins!


  1. It's all a charade! Once you embrace the insanity, it makes it easier to pretend when you are out in public.

    Seriously though, the adjustment is tough and it's not necessarily hard work (just a LOT of it)... so remember to stay patient with each other and learn to laugh about everything - because most of it is out of your control! :)

    I only hope you guys are as blessed as us to have healthy kids you can focus on and enjoy.


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