Wednesday, July 29, 2009

At Least Three More

Today is the beginning of Week 33! It has been 2 weeks since my last post, and boy, am I really starting to feel more tired, sore and swollen (...didn't think that was possible)! The summer humidity has finally arrived in western NY, and I swear, someone took my feet and gave me Shrek's! That's right... first cankles, now ogre feet!

I'm hoping to make it at least 3 more weeks further before delivering - getting me to week 36. For some reason, I think that will be the earliest for the babies to enter the world in good enough shape, without any complications. Last week, they were both head down, assuming the position... It's almost here!

Dan and I are finishing up the final touches on the nursery. If they boys were to arrive today, it would be ready to go, but there is still some last minute straightening up to do, and some hanging up of wall decorations (handmade frames, etc). I painted the boys names on big papermache letters and glued them to ribbon. We'll hang those up to take some pics of the finished nursery, and then the names are coming down until the boys are born, as they have been kept a secret from the rest of the world!! (No, Missy, I won't cave in!!)

Non-stress test #3 is this Friday. I actually look forward to sitting in a dark room for a half hour, focusing only on the boy's movements and nothing else. When I'm busy at home or at work, sometimes I don't notice the subtle movements, so it's nice to notice EVERYTHING during this test... and to top it all off, they give me a Jeopardy buzzer to click every time I feel movement (I'll take "Multiples" for $1200, Alex!) They then compare the movements I've indicated to any increases in the babies' heart rates. Interesting stuff. I should be getting updated weights, as well, on Friday. I'm thinking both boys have hit (or are really, really close to) 4lbs by now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

31 Weeks!

Here is a pic of me that Dan took a few days ago. I am officially 31 weeks today! Can you believe it? We're in the home stretch, boys! I begin my non-stress tests this Friday so the Drs. can closely monitor the babies, the oxygen they are receiving and their movements. I have 3 scheduled so far, but I'm pretty sure they will continue once a week until the babies arrive.
In other news, my best friend's twin daughters, Zoey & Stella turn one this weekend!! Happy Birthday, little ladies! I can only hope that Dan and I look as sane and unfrazzled as Missy and JD (and big sister Lucy) do a year after the birth of twins!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Beginning of the 3rd Trimester

Maybe someday...just between diaper changes, feedings and naps, MAYBE I'll post more often to this blog, and maybe I'll tell friends and family about it so someone actually reads my posts. Time will tell, I guess! Anyway, I hit 30 weeks today, and am just now starting to feel like "it" will happen soon. My due date is September 15 (moved up a day for whatever reason) and if I don't go into labor by the 2nd (38 weeks) my delivery will be scheduled. I'm just hoping to make it to a safe 36 weeks, but for some reason, I have a feeling it may happen sooner than that. My body feels different than it has the past few weeks, so I'm assuming it's getting ready for the beginning stages of labor. Dan and I are as prepared as we can be for whenever the boys decide to show up.

Summer in Buffalo has been cool and comfortable so far for me. I love hearing others complain about the unseasonably low temps and rain... Inside, I'm thanking my lucky stars that the heat and humidity still haven't permanently arrived. I don't think my feet can swell anymore than they already have!

I had my baby shower just about a month ago and it turned out absolutely wonderful, although it was a loooong exhausting day for me. I can't believe how generous everyone was, and it was great to see so many friends and family celebrating the upcoming arrival of the twins. Mom, Mom P and Missy threw the shower for me and I was deeply involved in the decorating and cupcake making - how could I not be? I love themed-parties and decorating! My childhood best friend designed my invites with two little blue birds on them, and I took it from there. She (Kim over at - check her craftiness out- she's amazing!) inspired the entire theme and will be blogging about it on her site soon. I'll attach the link instead of going into too much detail myself, because I'm sure she'll do a much better job of elaborating on the details then I ever could ;)
(From L-R) Mom, Missy, Me (and the boys) and Mom P. @ my shower.

Stay tuned for the real shower post (well, at least a link to Kim's post) and a post on the completed nursery. It's done, but we're still straightening up, organizing and adding the finishing touches. It's definitely a bit strange seeing two cribs in there instead of one! Dan is just finishing up an incredible Dutch door for the nursery (yep, he made it from an old 5-paneled door bought at an antique thrift store) so our dogs won't be in there 24/7. I love it - he did a great job! Can't wait to see it up. I'm sure it will be used down the road for many a puppet show, or something else to that effect!