Friday, May 8, 2009

Halfway There!

Well, we're a little over halfway to the twins arrival. We found out a couple of weeks ago that we are having two boys, so we're super excited to start decorating the nursery (yes, just one for the two of them) and to attempt choosing names we both like ;) For some reason, we had SOLID girl names picked out, but the boys names are more difficult to agree upon!
I'm really feeling the boys wiggling now throughout the day, and even at night when I'm tossing and turning. (I swear, I can't have enough pillows at this point... They are shoved everywhere!) For the past month, there was a little movement here and there, but almost unnoticeable. In weeks 20 and 21, the movement has significantly increased.

Of all the ways I've heard the babies' movement described, I'd have to compare it to a vivid childhood memory. When I was a little girl, my family went camping in the Adirondacks or up in the Canadian Provincial Parks every summer. Our version of camping has changed drastically from back then; now including heat, ceiling fans and cable tv, but in the early days, it was an old army tent, some sleeping bags and a screen-house so we didn't get eaten alive while trying to eat... Each night was ended with a fire, marshmallow roasting and campfire songs. Anyway, I remember trying to catch polliwogs (or tadpoles) and frogs in the swampier areas of wherever we'd be camping. The feeling of the tadpole gently wiggling and slipping through my fingers is the best way for me to describe what it feels like when the babies wiggle around. It's an amazing feeling, and hopefully, soon there will be some strong enough wiggles and kicks for Dan to feel on the outside of my belly.

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