Tuesday, December 29, 2009


{My Little Sugarplums, 16 weeks & 6 days old}
Hello Friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with joy and cheer.  Unfortunately, Santa brought 3/4 of the Pelczynski family head-colds for Christmas.  Blech...
The good news is that we finally have snow!!! No white Christmas (sorry Bing), but the beautiful big-flaked snowfall finally happened!  ...and unlike most Western New Yorkers, I *LOVE* the snow, and will take snow over rain any day, (but for the record, I despise driving in either).  No, I'm not a skier, and I don't own a snowmobile, there's just something beautiful, peaceful and romantic about a quiet snowfall.  It's also a lot less messier than MUD (we have 3 dogs who love to romp outside).   I can't wait to see my little sugarplums {pictured above} all bundled up in their snowsuits and playing outside - building a snowman, sledding, making a fort, or flapping their arms while making miniature snow angels.  I'll be sure to have the hot cocoa made and the camera ready to capture their chilly smiles and rosy cheeks ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Think before you speak to a parent of twins...

The lady who taught our "Twinformation" class at Sister's Hospital was sooo right...  Twins are different and special, and we can expect a lifetime of everything from oohs/aahs, looks, stares and quick comments to loooong stories from passer-bys, so we better get used to it.  Although everyone pretty much knows a set of twins, or knows someone who has had twins, people still feel the need to approach you in public and leave you their two cents.  Most of the time I don't mind this.  In fact, I kind of enjoy it.  I love showing off my boys, and genuinely smile as people compliment them and tell me their "my uncle's cousin's brother's wife had twins!" story, but every once in a while, someone has to ruin it for the rest of them with a rude comment (or one that is easily interpreted as rude by the parent).   I first encountered this when I was about 37 weeks pregnant and doing a bit of grocery shopping.   A lady deliberately approached me to say, "I feel so bad for you.  You look TERRIBLE!!!"   Shocked, I killed her with kindness... With a huge, obnoxious smile, I said, "Why, Thank You!!"  After, I wondered why she even said this.  Where was that filter between her brain and mouth?

An awesome facebook status post from my mother-of-twins sensei and best friend Missy:

Dear patrons of Wegmans today, Please don't judge me as a bad parent. My kids were very tired & have an obvious gift of large lung capacity. Also, for the record, yes, they are twins, yes, I do have my hands full, no, they are not identical, I don't appreciate my stroller or my kids being called a wide load and finally, I'm sorry but having your own two kids about a year apart is not "just like having twins".
It sums up a lot! Love it!

Here are 2 of her lovely little ladies, Stella (L) and Zoey (R). 
Not pictured: Big Sister Lucy

Photo credit: Magnificent Mom of twins, Missy D.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Card Photos

 By now, most of you should have received your Christmas card from the Pelczynski family.  If you haven't, blame the USPS, because I've completed my end of the deal; the photo session, the ordering, the stuffing, the stamping, the licking, yadda, yadda, yadda.  And let me tell you something: Anyone who has successfully taken holiday photos of their children deserves a fancy steak dinner, some ice cream and maybe even some sparkly jewelry!  It is a super stressful half hour that you'll never get back, but in the end, it is well worth it (even if it's just for the humor in it all!)
Now, I'm no stranger to this genre of photography.  That's right, it deserves it's own genre!  In the past I've attempted to photograph our dogs (first one, then two, and now finally 3 that made it on last year's holiday greeting card).  It's not rocket science, but pretty damn close if you ask me!   Not sure if the dogs or the twins were more difficult to do.  Getting everyone to not be screaming, looking in the same direction, and maybe even throw in a smile is NOT an easy task!!  I think I enjoy the *bad* photos better than the good ones ;)
Really Andrew? From all smiles to...

...*this* in a matter of seconds?  You know this guy brings you toys, right?

 I'm sure Santa wasn't too happy about you pulling his beard, either!  Someone's going on the *naughty* list!

Soooo....I got my hands on this wonderful Santa, a good family friend who bleeds red and white (candycane style) and has an over-the-top obsession with Christmas and Santa Claus.  Santa (aka Frank) has a beautiful collection (and I mean thousands of pieces) of Santa Claus collectibles and memorabilia from the past and present.  His wife now only allows him to get one new (or old) item a year because his Santa room (complete with shelving units) is filled to the brim!  It's got to be worth  fortune.  It's truly amazing to see.  I hope she doesn't mind that I gave him a little thank you gift involving the big man in red ;)  I just couldn't resist!

I've decided to share with you some more of the shots that didn't make the Christmas card as well as a tiny version of the finished product... some were nice, and some were down right hysterical.  Enjoy!

You make a mediocre Rudolf, Mr. Andrew!
(and who knew Santa had a Celtic cross tattoo? Hehe!)

Anyone else ever hear of Meltdown the other reindeer? Perfect, Wesley. Thanks.

This one isn't too shabby, eh?

And here's the finished product from Shutterfly.
From the Pelczynski house to yours, we wish you a warm, cozy holiday season!!!
Margie, Dan, Wesley & Andrew (and Simon, Olive & Ruby, too!)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

We did it! Pictures with Santa!

*Wesley, Santa and Andrew*

I know what you are probably thinking... I've conquered the unthinkable... the unconquerable...  and it was done without any meltdowns (well in public, anyway!)   Not sure why, but this morning at 11am, I called  Kelly's Country Store to see if Santa had made it there yet.  I've only been to this tourist trap on the Island once before, but remember they had an amazing back room where Santa Claus made his yearly visit.  Twinkle lights EVERYWHERE, and toys (both vintage and new) COVERED the walls and ceiling.  There was even a disco ball in the room.  Sensory overload, to say the least.  Santa was IN, sooooo..., I figured I'd beat the Canadian tour buses and head on over right after I called.   The boys were dressed and ready to go, so we headed out.
I arrived at the store and was pleased to not see any tour buses yet... There were still a few parking spots left at 11:15.   I loaded Wesley into the baby sling and carried Andrew in. I knew that there probably wouldn't be room for a double stroller along the velvet roped pathway leading to Santa, and I was right, but I didn't expect to be early.... early along with 50 other people.  ...and yes, these 50 people had 100 children running around and screaming.
After chatting with a few nearby grandpas who were "holding spots," I found out that Santa wouldn't arrive for another 45 minutes, at noon, the boys next feeding time.  "Great," I thought to myself sarcastically.  Wish the lady I spoke with earlier told me that Santa didn't clock in 'til noon. Grrrrrr...
While in line, a few people pointed out that I had a tiny baby, and I immediately pointed out that I had two, (Wesley was hiding in the sling.)  Normally, I don't like the added public attention that having twins sometimes brings, but today, for some reason, I wanted credit for the task I was accomplishing.  I was nervous, anxious and sweating in what seemed a 150 degree room, and I still had another hour and a half or so in line until Santa arrived, and until my two 12 week olds would make their way up to him.
Santa showed up at noon, we cheered, and then he proceeded to talk on a microphone to everyone for about fifteen minutes.  I couldn't see him yet (with all the people there), but just kept thinking , "Wrap it up, Claus!"  I can't imagine all these kids wanted to hear him talk about Rudolph and Clarice's twin reindeer babies, Gingerbread and Blizzard.   All they wanted was to sit on his lap, tell them their Christmas wishes and put their letters in the "Magic Mailbox", where they'd immediately be transported to the North Pole and read by the elves... Finish off the visit with a candy cane and they could call it a day.  I think about 4 minutes into his speech is when the crying started...  Not my kids, but everyone elses.  Ahhh, the joyous sounds of Christmas. I couldn't help but laugh to myself.
Wesley got a little warm and fussy in the sling so I took him out and now had two babies on my lap.  We were almost to the finish line...
At about 1:00, we finally made it up to Santa.  Just as we were walking up, (with the normal ooh's and ah's that accompany us everywhere we go :), a lady who worked at Kelly's informed the lady behind me that there was a special needs child who wanted to see Santa, and asked if it would be alright if he went in front of her child, after the twins.  Hearing this, and pleased that my boys were now both wide awake without tears, I told her he could go ahead of us.  She was very thankful.  The little boy came and went with his mother, and then we were up to bat.   Everyone within a 15 foot radius of us knew that the twins were going to be sitting on Santa's lap (someone even videotaped us while waiting in line- weird), but I wish I could've captured the look on ol' Saint Nick's face when he saw me walking up to him with Andrew and Wesley.   He looked jolly, yet terrified.  All I said was, "I have a bit of a challenge for you, Santa," and he accepted with a smile ;)  I got two fabulous photos and packed up the boys.   As soon as the three of us got to the car, that's when the double meltdown happened.  I had two very hungry babies who had just gone from a 150 degree room into 40 degree dampness and wind.   My little men were so good up until now, and luckily we were only 5 minutes from home.  Mission accomplished ;)
Although it took us waaaaaaay longer than anticipated, we did it.  The boys had their first picture with Santa, something I will cherish forever.  The 'grandpa's' I mentioned earlier also shared something special with me.  All of them (and there were many) had taken their children there years ago... and now, although most of their children live out of the area, they return for Thanksgiving and then, as a family, take the newest members of the family to see Santa.  One family had 4 generations at the store.  Amazing, and so nice to see.  What a nice tradition... maybe we'll make it a family tradition as well, but we'll time it better and we'll definitely bring Dad (or maybe one of the grandpas) along next year ;)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting There

Last night, Dan and I plugged away at the holiday decorations.  We now have all the lights in the windows and the tree is up and decorated...  Next, we will attempt to assemble my Christmas village.  Not sure when that will happen.    The boys had an exceptional day yesterday and watched up as we hung ornaments and twinkle lights (I think we exhausted them... they slept for 7.5 hours last night! Yeah!)

Every year, I look forward to hanging all of my ornaments, because attached to each and every one is some kind of memory, or a warm, fuzzy thought of the sweet person that gave it to me.  I took a few shots of my favorite ornaments to share with you.  Do you have any favorite ornaments?   Where/when are they from, and what do they mean to you?

I bought this Swarovski "P" the year Dan and I got married (after Christmas for 50% off, of course!!)  I also grabbed a ton of other initials for friends that I knew would be getting engaged/married in the near future to give as a little 'congrats' gift.  I'm always thinking!

Next is the Hallmark Barbie and Ken ornaments.  These were the toppers on our wedding cake back in October 2005 ;)

Lastly, these are ornaments made for us by others.  Its funny that Dan and I both have one.  What's better than a ceramic ornament with your childhood head decoupaged on it?  Not much, my friends!

I could mention many others, and what they mean to me...  some Hallmark ornaments my mom passed on to me from her mother, my Nana Hibbard, who bought each of her 4 daughters a dated ornament each year ...multiple ornaments given to me at holiday family gatherings from cousin Moe ...a handmade angel ornament created out of a teeny, tiny terracotta pot from Michelle...  They are all very special ;)


*Andrew, 11 weeks and 6 days old*

Andrew and Wesley are growing before our eyes...  They are both starting to swing their legs in attempts to roll over.   Andrew got the furthest yesterday, but still wasn't able to roll over.  He got STUCK! (On his side!  Several times!)  ...but he was completely content with his newly achieved view of the world around him ;)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Almost That Time of Year...

As if life with newborn twins wasn't hectic enough, it's time for another holiday season to begin.  Don't get me wrong, I LOOOVE Christmas... I just don't see me being able to decorate like I have in the past, which is something I love to do.   Some of my stuff is already up, and it'll probably take me another month to get the tree up and trimmed.  Don't even remind me of shopping and wrapping gifts!  (Although, as usual, I've managed to find plenty of time to take some pics of my little handsome men!)

A few things I'm thinking about right now...
1.) What gifts to get for all the little kiddles in my life.  Several years ago, both my family and Dan's family decided that in lieu of gifts, we'd all go out for a nice Christmas dinner, either during or after the already very busy month of December.   We only get gifts for the kids, and it is truly a thrill to watch them open them and see their faces light up.  This has made things a lot easier on all of the adults and I always look forward to our relaxing night of good food, company and conversation.
2.)  Figuring out the simplest, yet most delicious "dish to pass" for all the holiday get-togethers.  I'll probably stick with my staple: bacon-wrapped brown sugar weenies (thanks to the Ruserts for sharing this amazing appetizer recipe!  It's ALWAYS a hit!)
3.) Childcare... Although I don't want to think about it right now, I have to... I will be heading back to work full-time sometime in February 2010.  Both my parents and Dan's parents have volunteered to watch the boys for us, long-term; however, I still need a back-up plan due to a month-long vacation and a hip-replacement.  Anywhere from 1 to (probably) 3 days a week.  Still working on that... hmmmpf...  Anyone interested?
4.) Sending out Christmas cards...  I'm stumped on a holiday photo idea for the boys...  I have the photo cards already, so they just need to be filled, addressed and sent out.  Something tells me this won't happen by the first of December like it has in previous years!

What I'm looking forward to:
1.)  Seeing Andrew & Wesley's eyes light up at the sight of the lights on the tree! (My eyes still light up, too! Again... I LOOOOOOVE Christmas!)
2.)  Spending quality time with the family on Thanksgiving and Christmas, stuffing myself until I can't breathe, and enjoying a few festive glasses of Baily's ;)
3.) Christmas music!!  I could listen year round, and sometimes I do just that!   I've already listened a bit on Sirius, but I don't have my fill just yet. (Sorry Dan!)
4.)  Starbucks!  I normally don't treat myself to Starbucks' fancy-schmancy drinks, but I love holiday shopping with a Vanilla Creme, Caramel Macchiato or Espresso Truffle in hand!  Mmmmmm!  Delicious and festive!

In case I don't post again this week, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Announcement Design

The birth announcement postcards are out!  Hopefully everyone has received one by now, (sorry Vanessa, Aprile and cousin Mike, yours are on the way, I promise!)  I think they turned out super cute, and I've received some positive feedback from friends and family.

On another note, I'd like to welcome Emerson Kelley Rusert into the world!  Good friends of ours, Kyle & Tom, welcomed their beautiful little girl into the world yesterday.  Congrats, guys!! We can't wait to meet her!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Creative Holiday Giveaway

*photo taken from Tomkatstudio.blogspot.com*

My friend Kim over at the Tomkat Studio is having hosting a giveaway of some of her adorable Christmas tags!  Check it out HERE!  It's never too early to get ready for the holidays, right?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On The Way

I'm am happy to say that I finally uploaded my ancient (and cheap...thanks eBay!) version of Printshop and managed to design a birth announcement for the boys.  Better late than never, right?

The above photo is a family favorite, captured at the perfect moment when Wes was in one of his laughing fits.  Don't you just LOVE it?  I do!!  I used this pic (how could I not?) and a couple of others to create the perfect announcement.   I decided to print postcards myself, because they were much more affordable than cards or professional postcards.   The quality isn't fabulous, but I know everyone will enjoy receiving them.  I should have them all addressed and out in the next few days.

Soooo....  keep checking your mailbox for your very own Pelczynski Postcard!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two Months Old

The twins had their 2 month doctor visit this past Monday.  Where does the time go?  As of today, they are 9 weeks and 1 day old!    Andrew weighed in at a whopping 9lbs, 3 oz and Wes is a solid 9lbs.  Although the doctor says they are still small for their age,  I still can't believe that my boys have almost doubled in size since they were born, and that some babies are born at their current weight!  They become capable of more and more as each day passes.  Andrew's noggin is finally lifting up and turning side to side, Wesley's tiny hands are starting to grasp for things and both boy's legs and feet are constantly dancing around!  Also, I'm glad to say that I'm starting to only get up once per night for feedings.   There are some exceptions to this here and there (esp. when you add a very sick family pet into the mix), but for the most part, the dark circles under my eyes are starting to fade ;)

*Andrew & Wesley*
8 weeks, 5 days old

Saturday, October 31, 2009

1st Halloween

Happy Halloween from our little pumpkins!
Happy Haunting!

*Andrew John*
8 weeks, 3 days old

*Wesley William*
8 weeks, 3 days old

A special thanks to my friend Vanessa for lending the boys these adorable costumes ;)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Smiles from Wesley

Leave it to Great Grandma Julie to get the first provoked smile from Wesley.  During our visit yesterday, she got Wesley to smile several times and I was able to capture it on film, however there was no way to capture how seeing him smile made us all feel.  We were all smiling and laughing with him.  What a warm, fuzzy afternoon it was :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beep beeps

Just want to share two things real quick...

1.) The boys seem to be growing like crazy. They both feel like they weigh 40 lbs!   I'm thinking they must be pretty darn close to 10 lbs each, if not more.

2.)  The outfits I brought the boys home from the hospital in  (affectionately called their 'Beep beeps' due to the fact that there are a bunch of cars on them along with the words "beep beep") have been tossed into the "too small" pile.   Andrew and Wes swam in these newborn outfits until about a week ago.  Now, sadly, they have outgrown them.   I had tears in my eyes as I told Dan that they would no longer be wearing them.  Dan seemed just as sad, sans the tears. My little boys are growing up.  Before I know it, they'll be wearing 3-6 months...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vote for the Best!!

Hey Everyone!  My friend Kim's blog has been selected as a finalist for the "best crafty mommy blog" by thebump.com (same crew that brought us ladies theknot.com)!  Kim is the creative genius that made my adorable baby shower invites.  She's truly a crafty mommy and deserves to win!  Please vote for her HERE if you have a minute.  Just scroll down the page and select TomKat Studio.  It's that easy!  ...and don't forget to swing by her blog!   You'll be inspired to create something... I promise!  Thanks!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Road Trip!!

Dan's vacation time is over :(   After five weeks of leave, he's finally gone back to work.  That time off  flew by so fast.  I admit, things are now a bit more difficult without him around 24/7, and I find myself more tired than the first few weeks after the boys came home, but I've found a way to make the days a bit easier... schedule visits from friends and family, or venture out ourselves.  Everyone loves to hold and feed the babies, so I get a temporary break from those duties, and if people visit us, that gives me a chance to clean up the house a bit.

This past Friday, I packed up the boys and we headed to Rochester (picking up Nana along the way) to visit my brother Joe, S-I-L Julie and their two little ones; Miles and Mia.  Julie made an awesome lunch for us all and the kids finally got to visit their new cousins.  Miles was infatuated with Andrew and I was amazed at how gentle he was with both of the boys.  Mia needed to help with everything.  She handed me wipes during the diaper changes, hoisted the bottles during feedings and held the boys with some help from the adults ;)  Too cute!

Announcing Andrew and Wesley

Out of the 1000+ pictures that Dan and I have taken of Andrew and Wesley, I'm still trying to get a couple of decent photos for their birth announcements.  When it comes to infants, I'm limited on creative photo ideas, but then again, simplicity probably works best for these things.   Also, I have the camera and the babies, but no props, no studio and very limited time!  Nothing is screaming 'perfect' to me yet, so I'll keep snapping until I get the perfect shots.   Hopefully, it'll be before the boys are 6 months old (or 6 years for that matter)!  Here's today's attempt...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Guy Smiley

*andrew, 5 weeks and 1 day old*

Out of the hundreds of shots I take each week, it's always nice to capture Andrew or Wesley with a smile... even if it's just gas at this point ;)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Fever!

FALL IS HERE!! I absolutely LOVE this time of year.   My birthday is in the fall, we got married in the fall (coincidentally, on my 28th birthday!), and my boys were born pretty darn close to the beginning of fall.  Besides the leaves changing colors, and the return of wine-drinking weather, I am a total halloween fan.  Dan and I go to a great costume party every year, and always put a TON of effort into our costumes, however, with all that has been going on in the past month, costumes have been the furthest thing from my mind.

To get my fall fix (early) this year, I insisted that Dan take us all to the Great Pumpkin farm after one of the boy's doctor appointments.  It was a cool, dreary day, and the boys weren't in the best of moods, but we managed to get a few quick pictures with the colors of the season. ;)

*Dan & Andrew*

*me, andrew & wes*

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stay Tuned...

Not sure how I could possibly think that I could update this blog "regularly" after the boys were born, but I have an idea...  Perhaps when I am up at 3am feeding the boys, I will try to write a quick update here and there, between bottles or between burpings.   Until that happens, here's a photo of the boys to hold you all over ;)    I'm happy to report that everyone is doing fabulous. The boys are gaining weight and changing right before our eyes.  Wes, our little peanut, is now up to 7 pounds, 5 ounces, and Andrew is 7 pounds, 2 ounces.
*Wesley (top) and Andrew (bottom), 4 weeks and 3 days old*

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunnier Days Ahead...

Dan and I finally got to have some hands-on time with the twins yesterday.  I can't tell you how wonderful it was to finally hold them in our arms and see them with most of the tubes and wires (and goggles) removed from their fragile little bodies.   Sigh....  Things are getting brighter ;)
Little Wes - so much expression in his tiny face

Andrew - future heartbreaker   ...watch out, ladies!
Keep sending your prayers and warm thoughts our way!  We really need them, and truly appreciate them!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Introducing Wesley and Andrew

On Wednesday, September 02, 2009, we welcomed Wesley William (5lbs 5oz) and Andrew John (5lbs 9oz) into our lives.  The past two days have been a bit of a roller coaster ride with the boys in the NICU, and they aren't "out-of-the-woods" just yet with their very a-typical situation, but each day they get little stronger and fight a little harder.  Thanks to everyone for the warm thoughts and prayers.

Here are 2 pics taken this morning, after we received a good report (...the boys stayed stable through the night).  Starting off today on a much needed good note ;)
*Andrew John*

*Wesley William*

Friday, August 28, 2009

Staying Girlie in a House Full of Boys

Just because Dan and I are having two boys doesn't mean I can't buy/make girlie-girl crafts and gifts... I have 2 sweet nieces; Mia - who will be turning 3 next month, and Shawna - who is 14 and totally fun to shop for gifts for... I also have a lot of other little ladies in my life. My 2 best friends from college have 4 girls between them, and some other close friends have daughters (or are having them soon), as well.

So first, let me apologize... I totally lied about not posting anything until sometime next week, but I had to put up some pics of the tutu I just made for my niece Mia's upcoming 3rd birthday. (No peeking, Mia!!) I found this simple tutu tutorial here at Plumtickled, which is a great blog filled with lots of great ideas for all you crafty people out there. I used beautiful purple satin ribbon and 3 rolls of tulle (pink, purple and shimmery silver) and had plenty left over. Maybe even enough for one more toddler sized tutu. I still have to trim up the bottom a bit to make it even, but I think for less than an hours work, this turned out totally adorable and would make any little girl smile! This tutu is perfect for a tea party, playing dress-up, and even for a trip to the grocery store with mom or dad! (Sorry Joe, but it just might happen!) I hope Mia loves her handmade tutu along with the other gift we got for her, (something Dora, of course!)
XOXO, Mimi and Nee ;)

*Can't get much girlier than a pink and purple tutu!*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

37 Weeks Pregnant with Twins (...and counting!)

When I first starting documenting my belly size, I did a self photo-shoot in my bathroom mirror, much like many pregnant girls do. I soon realized that there weren't many options for variety in this type of photo, and although I loved my 16 week shot seen here, I started having Dan take pictures of me. We got some good ones, and plenty of the not so flattering ones!

16 weeks pregnant with twins, self portrait

Now I've gone back to basics and even exposed myself a bit more than the 1st time. I'm at the 37 week mark, which is considered full term for twins and I decided to re-do my bathroom mirror shot. I'll be perfectly honest, I was a bit leery of showing some skin (...some? More like a lot!), but was actually pretty excited that my belly still fit in the mirror ;) Who cares about the extra poundage and a few stretch marks, right? I know that down the road, I'll be glad I have these pictures, and hopefully the boys will get a kick out of seeing them someday, too. So here it is... Drumroll, please!

37 weeks pregnant with twins, self portrait

We also have some exciting news. We now have a date for the boys birthday! Unless they have other plans in mind, they will be born on September 2nd. It's kind of weird knowing the exact day, but who knows, maybe it'll come sooner than that! Being considered full-term now, I'm certain that they will be healthy, bouncing babies, whether they decide to wait or not. My next post will most likely be in another week and a half or so, after the boys are born, and after we get home from our hospital stay. Stay tuned for plenty more pictures! I can't wait to capture our new little ones, and family and friends that help us celebrate during their first few days in this world!

Friday, August 21, 2009

36 & change

I had another NST as well as the full ultrasound again today and the boys are estimated to be 5lbs, 11oz (Baby A- Vertex) and 6lbs, 2oz (Baby B - Breech). Baby A is measuring 34 weeks, which is a bit small. These days he should be packing on the pounds and growing in size. His weight is OK, just the estimated age of the baby is a bit behind. Baby B is right on target at 36 weeks. My doctors all said that the babies are a healthy size, but the nurses who perform my weekly tests all agree that they should bake just a little bit longer.

I'm so glad that I've made it this far without any medical complications other than the normal aches and pains (and believe me, there have been plenty!) Dan is amazed that I have made it as far as I have. I am too, I guess. Ever since we found out we were expecting, I set mini goals where the risks of carrying multiples decreased as I reached each mark... First the 12 week mark (end of the 1st trimester, before we knew there were 2), then 20 weeks (the '12 week mark' for twins), then 26 weeks (when my friend's cousin delivered twins that are now healthy one year-olds), then 34 weeks (when my friend Missy had her twin girls - who were in the hospital for about 2 weeks and are now healthy, happy one year-olds), and lastly 36 weeks (my personal pregnancy final goal...) Now I'm ready to go. Lets get the show on the road, boys! We're ready to meet you! ;)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thirty-Six Weeks!

I've successfully reached my goal of 36 weeks! Yeah! Doesn't my belly look small from this angle? (Haha! It doesn't look small from ANY angle at this point!) I just posted the real 36-week side profile shot on flickr, so take a looksie... I think I've expanded in the past two weeks, but maybe it was just that black dress in the 34 week shot made me look a bit less, well, ...round. Off to the Dr. on Thursday to schedule my delivery for September 1st, unless I go into labor before then. Friday, I have another NST and ultrasound and I should get new weight estimates on the boys. I'll post those as soon as I can. Any guesses?

I can't believe that in 2 weeks or less, we will be parents to two tiny little boys. We can't wait. It's been a long 9-month road, but we are so close to the end ...and so close to the beginning of a new one.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Week 34!

Well, here's a picture of me, taken today at the start of week 34... The boys are baking quite nicely. Still no signs of pre-term labor, which is a really good thing. Dan, being a good sport not only allowed me to take his 34 week photo, but is also letting me post it here on DTGs. What a guy!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nursery Preview

Last night I finally got around to straightening up the nursery to take some pictures. Alright, I'm lying... I FORCED myself to begin nesting, because the instinct hasn't kicked in naturally and it desperately needed to get done! (Is that bad?)

First, here is the awesome dutch door created by Dan... He's quite talented, eh? It turned out fabulous and will be perfect for keeping the dogs out (or the kids in)! I hung a junk collector/organizer on the door with the basics that I'll always need to grab quickly - onesies, burp cloths, socks and receiving blankets. Hopefully I can get a system down where these are replenished soon after they are used. The bookshelf was my dad's when he was a little boy. It's traveled through our family (not sure of who used it last), but now it's here to stay for a while. I love being able to use (and am honored to have) something that has been in the family for years. The elephant pillows, boxes and wall canvas are all Amy Coe designs and go with the crib bedding.
Then we have a view of the front window with the boys' cribs and the glider. I'm working on getting plain white valances for the windows (either store bought or handmade by Nana Stefko) and I'm planning on covering the chair in a light blue fabric. All of my furniture in the nursery (with the exception of the bookshelf) was purchased off of craigslist. I saved a BOATLOAD and figured the green chair was too good to pass up, even if it didn't match. I can make it match!! Crib bedding is Amy Coe, and I got it all off of ebay, along with some other matching accessories (hamper, garbage can, mobiles, etc.) ;) Again... I think I saved a boatload by going this route. I also have some of my mom's knitted blankets on display at the end of each crib. The are so soft and snuggly! I can't wait to wrap the babies in them!

Above shows a good view of the painted walls. That's not wall paper, folks! Dan painted the lighter color, I measured and taped off the stripes, then he added the darker color. I made the frames with plain wooden frames, paint, scrapbook paper and some decoupage, inspired by my friend Kim who creates more glam versions of these as well as other amazing products such as invitations and party packages.

Lastly, here is a close-up of one of the cribs. How adorable is this Amy Coe crib set??? So cute! The bear (or should I say bears, there's one for each baby) was hand-made by my sister-in-law, Janet. It's totally me, and matches PERFECTLY!

Only thing missing are the babies and the name banners that I painted using papermache letters and ribbon (names are being kept a secret). You'll all just have to wait until the boys are here to see those!!! ;)

Think the boys will like their room?

Quick Update on Yesterday's Ultrasound

OK, for those of you taking bets on the babies' weights and positions... Baby A is approximately 4lbs 10 oz (still head down) and Baby B is 5 lbs 1 oz (breech again). Great twin weights for 33 and some change weeks! If they stay put a bit longer, I should have another weight update in 3 more weeks. Otherwise, I'll be posting the birth-weights ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

At Least Three More

Today is the beginning of Week 33! It has been 2 weeks since my last post, and boy, am I really starting to feel more tired, sore and swollen (...didn't think that was possible)! The summer humidity has finally arrived in western NY, and I swear, someone took my feet and gave me Shrek's! That's right... first cankles, now ogre feet!

I'm hoping to make it at least 3 more weeks further before delivering - getting me to week 36. For some reason, I think that will be the earliest for the babies to enter the world in good enough shape, without any complications. Last week, they were both head down, assuming the position... It's almost here!

Dan and I are finishing up the final touches on the nursery. If they boys were to arrive today, it would be ready to go, but there is still some last minute straightening up to do, and some hanging up of wall decorations (handmade frames, etc). I painted the boys names on big papermache letters and glued them to ribbon. We'll hang those up to take some pics of the finished nursery, and then the names are coming down until the boys are born, as they have been kept a secret from the rest of the world!! (No, Missy, I won't cave in!!)

Non-stress test #3 is this Friday. I actually look forward to sitting in a dark room for a half hour, focusing only on the boy's movements and nothing else. When I'm busy at home or at work, sometimes I don't notice the subtle movements, so it's nice to notice EVERYTHING during this test... and to top it all off, they give me a Jeopardy buzzer to click every time I feel movement (I'll take "Multiples" for $1200, Alex!) They then compare the movements I've indicated to any increases in the babies' heart rates. Interesting stuff. I should be getting updated weights, as well, on Friday. I'm thinking both boys have hit (or are really, really close to) 4lbs by now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

31 Weeks!

Here is a pic of me that Dan took a few days ago. I am officially 31 weeks today! Can you believe it? We're in the home stretch, boys! I begin my non-stress tests this Friday so the Drs. can closely monitor the babies, the oxygen they are receiving and their movements. I have 3 scheduled so far, but I'm pretty sure they will continue once a week until the babies arrive.
In other news, my best friend's twin daughters, Zoey & Stella turn one this weekend!! Happy Birthday, little ladies! I can only hope that Dan and I look as sane and unfrazzled as Missy and JD (and big sister Lucy) do a year after the birth of twins!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Beginning of the 3rd Trimester

Maybe someday...just maybe...in between diaper changes, feedings and naps, MAYBE I'll post more often to this blog, and maybe I'll tell friends and family about it so someone actually reads my posts. Time will tell, I guess! Anyway, I hit 30 weeks today, and am just now starting to feel like "it" will happen soon. My due date is September 15 (moved up a day for whatever reason) and if I don't go into labor by the 2nd (38 weeks) my delivery will be scheduled. I'm just hoping to make it to a safe 36 weeks, but for some reason, I have a feeling it may happen sooner than that. My body feels different than it has the past few weeks, so I'm assuming it's getting ready for the beginning stages of labor. Dan and I are as prepared as we can be for whenever the boys decide to show up.

Summer in Buffalo has been cool and comfortable so far for me. I love hearing others complain about the unseasonably low temps and rain... Inside, I'm thanking my lucky stars that the heat and humidity still haven't permanently arrived. I don't think my feet can swell anymore than they already have!

I had my baby shower just about a month ago and it turned out absolutely wonderful, although it was a loooong exhausting day for me. I can't believe how generous everyone was, and it was great to see so many friends and family celebrating the upcoming arrival of the twins. Mom, Mom P and Missy threw the shower for me and I was deeply involved in the decorating and cupcake making - how could I not be? I love themed-parties and decorating! My childhood best friend designed my invites with two little blue birds on them, and I took it from there. She (Kim over at http://www.thetomkatstudio.com/ - check her craftiness out- she's amazing!) inspired the entire theme and will be blogging about it on her site soon. I'll attach the link instead of going into too much detail myself, because I'm sure she'll do a much better job of elaborating on the details then I ever could ;)
(From L-R) Mom, Missy, Me (and the boys) and Mom P. @ my shower.

Stay tuned for the real shower post (well, at least a link to Kim's post) and a post on the completed nursery. It's done, but we're still straightening up, organizing and adding the finishing touches. It's definitely a bit strange seeing two cribs in there instead of one! Dan is just finishing up an incredible Dutch door for the nursery (yep, he made it from an old 5-paneled door bought at an antique thrift store) so our dogs won't be in there 24/7. I love it - he did a great job! Can't wait to see it up. I'm sure it will be used down the road for many a puppet show, or something else to that effect!